The Blue Flame Blurb

Book 1 of the Wardens of the Crystallis series.

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Category: Adult
Release Date: TBA

Fear the light, not the dark.

A shadow lurker has placed a target on Erador Lucasta. He refuses to visit the Shadow Realm after the deadly encounter. In the midst of trying to overcome his trauma, a witch comes to Lucrethia.

Yulei promises to cure the dying Master. Erador knows it’s too good to be true. It doesn’t help that the entire continent wants the Master dead. Erador is convinced Yulei will kill him.

Atrocities have arisen since her arrival. Crops are diseased, people are revolting, and the Raven has been freed from his cage. The worst of it—the Master’s favored are being murdered, and Erador is on the list.

Lucrethians believe Yulei will save the Master. Erador can’t get rid of her, not unless he can prove she’s a hoax. The blue flame in her brooch is the only link. To find answers, Erador is forced to venture into enemy territory and walk the unsafe places in the Shadow Realm.

Will Erador overcome his fears of the lurkers, and expose Yulei to save his dying father? Or will he let the light win?

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Adult language, drugs, graphic violence, murder, trauma, and attempted suicide.