About the Books

Book 1 : The Blue Flame

About the Setting

The Blue Flame takes place in the town of Lucrethia. It was created centuries ago by the kingdom once know as Akthelia. After the Master took rule, his methods to get money helped the town become wealthy. After their reputation was sabotaged, they lost all their allies and with it, their main source of income. Overtime, the town became poor and many left. A war against New Akthelia 18 years ago, and the Master’s degrading health further worsened Lucrethia’s state.

The Protagonist

Erador Lucasta

Erador’s aggressive and blunt nature makes him come off as cold. His shadow power further displays his intimidating qualities. He commands a shadow-like entity he calls Shade. The shadow being has full access to Erador’s mind: his intellect, his OCD thoughts, and his secrets, including the crush he has on a certain person, and his weaknesses.

Though he seems well put together, on the inside he’s fighting a demon. A lurker from the Shadow Realm nearly killed Erador as a child, and in the process, it placed a mark on him. Erador fears the Shadow Realm; a place he used to find comfort. If he goes there, the lurker will continue to hunt him until he is dead. Since the attack, Erador has been trying to cope with and overcome his trauma, but it has been difficult. As one of the soldiers assigned to help find Paradise, he cannot allow himself to have any weaknesses.

“Poor liar.” Erador threw the plant at her and she jumped. “You said I’m a poisoner.”

“I didn’t.”

“And you continue to lie?” Erador stomped up to Emera who ducked. “Look at me and tell me what you said.”

He waited. The corners of Emera’s mouth twitched, wrinkles taut on her tanned face. His voice echoed through the room. “Say it!”

Emera flinched.

Erador shook his head. Rumors had spread further after Miraline’s outburst at the festival. Civilians gossiped as he passed them on the streets, and watched him with distrust. This family was like the rest of them.

“You can say it under your breath, but you’re afraid to face me. Afraid to look me in the eye.” He leaned close, whispering, “Afraid the shadows will get you?”

Book 2: The Lucin Stone

The Protagonists

Cassius Noor

Cassius dedicates his time trying to improve and change his kingdom’s bigoted views. More than anything, he wants his daughter to feel safe. Fixing his kingdom isn’t his only worry. Dangerous forces threaten other cities and could one day reach Odinaty. Cassius is determined to help in anyway he can. He chooses words over killing, but he will not hesitate to destroy those who get in his way.

“He hired an assassin to kill me the day of my speech,” Cassius said.

Valdrier pressed his fingers to his forehead. “No… I thought he died of his illness on the day of your commemoration.”

Cassius shook his head. “He didn’t.”

“You,” Valdrier said, pointing at him. “What did you do?”

“I’ll leave that up to your imagination.”

Alrin Farren

The affection Alrin has for his brother is unbreakable. He would do anything to protect him. The water power he possesses is not what helped him become a knight. It’s common, after all. His determination could help him reach a top rank in the Knights Order. But his mischievous behavior and will to question every command, may be the very things holding him back.

Cassius scowled. “Get off there, before you fall.”

“If I do, you’ll save me,” Alrin said.

“That’s not the point. You’re being reckless and you’d do it whether I was here or not.”

“That’s not true.”

“It is,” Alsar said, in a knowing tone.

Alrin clicked his tongue. “Way to take his side.”

Alsar Farren

Strange is the first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they see Alsar. He wears a blindfold at all times to hide his eyes. Not that he needs to see. He’s blind. As a knight, this puts him at a disadvantage in some aspects, but his unique power makes him a viable asset. His loyalty further earns him respect from the king.  He doesn’t think he’s worth it. And the negative remarks from the other knights worsens his confidence.

“Alsar,” Cassius said, “why do you think you’re not suited for this mission?”

Am I that obvious?

Alsar swallowed, his voice barely audible over his pounding pulse. “Because I’m not as experienced as the others.”

“As a knight, you need to be strong, brave, and confident. That’s what you’re taught and it’s part of what you practice every day.”

“I know, my Lor… Sir.” Alsar’s blindfold crinkled near his brow. “But it’s not helpful when others belittle me.”

Oziah Oliendur

Oziah takes his work seriously. It helps keep his mind busy. He can come off as impersonal and distant, and his attitude matches well with his ice power. Many believe it’s because he is the archknight. Though that may be somewhat true, the painful memories he withholds are the main cause of his detachment from others. Oziah refuses to share his past with anyone in fear that it will come back to haunt him.

“Mr Perlin, look.” Oziah wiped his fingers on a napkin. “I understand he’s your son, but it is my duty to protect the princess who you know receives threats on a daily basis. If that means supervising him until he is on his deathbed, then so be it.”

“That is absurd! You can’t do this the rest of his life.”

“Would you rather he be hanged?”

Covering his mouth, Denton lowered his head. “He… he can’t be hanged for that.”

“Then you can thank Lord Cassius.”

Valinia Noor

Valinia’s secret blood power could endanger her life. To top it off, her kingdom hates her. Having dark hair means she is contaminated. She hopes her warmhearted personality will help her people to accept her as their princess. But many don’t see it that way. The daily threats she receives forces her to stay inside. Books, the garden, and her tiger companion are the few things she has to occupy her time. It doesn’t help that she is prohibited to talk to anyone. Her stubbornness and eagerness lead her to take action for what she has wanted her entire life.

“Acceptance is moving too slow. About a week ago, I had the chance to visit the market.” Valinia lifted her head. “I was threatened.” When she made eye contact with a member, she looked back down. “I don’t want to feel like a prisoner in my own kingdom. And I don’t want to feel like one in my castle.”

Artakin Enlien

Being the prince of Kaidia is the last thing Artakin wants to do. He has no choice. What else can he do except play along with the king’s drunken bickering and degrading remarks? What’s more? He can’t control his new fire power. The excruciating burns leave his skin raw. But it doesn’t compare to his internal suffering. His short-lived, crippling migraines come about when his past starts to creep up on him. He can’t let it go, and he’s afraid he never will be able to.

“Who are you?” Artakin strained his eyes and studied her closer. The wart and the way she acted were familiar—he had seen her before. “I know who you are. You’re that witch, but now you’re old.”

Her lip trembled. “It’s called maturing.”

“Dethria.” Artakin snorted. “It’s a shame your half-witted brain didn’t catch up.”

Book 3: TSI

 TSI continues the story of WOTC. A few chapters and dozens of pages of notes have been written, along with an outline. I can’t give details on the plot until it’s further along, and until the other 2 books are done.

Just know it’s full of betrayal, jealously, death, gore, adventure, tropical beaches, new characters, powers, monsters, magic, and cute moments that make me squee!