Valinia Noor

In this week’s post I’m going to be talking a bit about my book, The Lucin Stone. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s my upcoming Adult Epic Fantasy novel with multiple points of view. And guess what!!! It’s pretty awesome! Lucky for you, you’re going to get to learn a bit about why it is.
Since my book is so complicated, it’s really hard to squeeze everything into a few short paragraphs. So this week I’m going to be talking about the lovely Princess Valinia Noor.
First up, a little introduction:

The Lucin Stone is the second book in my Adult Epic Fantasy series, Wardens of the Crystallis. The second book takes place on two continents. One of them is called Haria. A race of people known as Naharians resides here. They are basically like humans but have longevity and powers. It is a diverse continent with many different races, except for one kingdom: Odinaty.
Due to Odinaty’s history, which is a BIG secret and I can’t reveal it here, only people with light hair and light skin reside here. They consider themselves the “pure” Naharians. To them any person with dark hair is considered weaker and contaminated. Don’t these towheads sound awful? Yep, most of them are, but this entire kingdom is vital to the story.
One of the protagonists, Princess Valinia Noor, is believed to be a reincarnation of the most hated prince in history. She is the only one in Odinaty with black hair. She is hated, threatened, and shunned by her people. Her father, King Cassius Noor, is having quite a difficult time trying to change the views of his people. With persistence, he believes they will accept everyone just like the other nations in Haria. But will they?
Valinia doesn’t think so. But what the heck can she do? No one would want to listen to a contaminated ink head.
So to forget about all that crap, Valinia spends most of her time inside the castle with her white tiger companion. He is her only friend. Now that she’s older, she’s beginning to question all that she had been taught and wonders what lies outside her little bubble. Her father thinks she will be a good girl and remain in the castle, but little does he know, she doesn’t. And this is where she gets into all sorts of trouble.
The start of it is discovering the most hated prince’s diary, which only has her asking more questions and leads her to meeting an enigmatic young man from the enemy kingdom. The very home built by that same hated prince. His hair is black likes hers. From here, her life takes a drastic turn. Since he’s from the outside world, he might just have all the answers she has been hungry for and more. Through him, Valinia discovers that the civilians of Odinaty aren’t the only ones who want her blood.720x1302 - Edited
There you have it: a little sneak peek into, Princess Valinia Noor’s story. She’s one of 6 main protagonists in, The Lucin Stone.
Eager for more? NOWS YOUR CHANCE! My book is available to beta read. All you have to do is read THIS beta reading post and sign up! Or you can head on over HERE and read the Prologue and the first 2 chapters. Stay tuned as I post more updates on my book in the next coming weeks.

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