Cassius Noor

This is part 3 of All About The Lucin Stone. If you missed the last two you can check them out below:

Part 1: Valinia NoorLearn a bit about why this princess is hated in her kingdom.

Part 2: Artakin Enlien – Learn a bit about this enigmatic scarlet-eyed prince and his dark past.

This week I’m going to be talking about one of the most notable kings in Odinaty’s history, Cassius Noor. He is quite a busy man. I mean he is a king and dealing with his people is pretty frustrating. Trying to get them to accept people with dark hair has been hell. But Cassius chose this path and he is determined to do it. He wants a better future for his daughter, Valinia—the black-haired princess.

But that isn’t his only problem. The world is going to shit or at least it is assumed to because of the dark kingdom, but let’s not get into details here. There might be an answer to stop this imminent threat, or at least that’s what Cassius thinks when he receives a letter from the mysterious LC.

It isn’t the first one he has gotten from this hooded stranger. The past letters he had received requested him to complete specific tasks. Just like this one. Fortunately, all of them resulted in positive outcomes. Despite never having met this LC, he trusts them, and that alone is enough for him to drop all his work and go after…

the Lucin Stone.

LC claims that this godly stone will help save people in the future. But there are more secrets to this light stone. It has a dark past.

Obtaining the stone is just the beginning. Once Cassius finds it, that’s if he can, he is required to take it to a village that isn’t known to exist. What’s more? It is in a forest that people become lost in. Doesn’t this sound like a whole load of shit? To Cassius, no. He believes this stone is the answer to eradicate the dark kingdom.

That’s why isn’t going alone. He chooses three knights he thinks will not only be suitable for the mission, but who also have useful abilities. The three knights are:

Alsar Farren: A blind man who is unconfident in his abilities.

Alrin Farren: Alsar’s older mischievous brother.

Roitheus (Roik) Kethin: A giant man who gets along with just about everyone.

Cassius is afraid of what this journey might bring.

 Though the stone seems to be the answer, Cassius’s faith in it is shaken. He can’t help but wonder why something good could possibly be cursed. And it doesn’t help any that LC continues to haunt him in his dreams. Who is this hooded stranger and will Cassius meet them in the end?

720x1302 (7) - Edited

Find out in The Lucin Stone.

There you have it: a little sneak peek into Cassius Noor’s story. He’s 1 of 6 main protagonists in, The Lucin Stone.

Eager for more? NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! My book is available to beta read. All you have to do is read THIS beta reading post and sign up! Or you can head on over HERE and read the Prologue and the first 2 chapters. Stay tuned as I post more updates on my book in the next coming weeks.


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