Artakin Enlien

Welcome to part 2 of All About The Lucin Stone. In case you missed last weeks, you can check it out here: All About The Lucin Stone: Valinia Noor Edition.

Artakin Portrait

First up, this week I’ve got a portrait reveal! I didn’t have one for Valinia because I haven’t drawn her yet, but here’s Artakin. This is one of my earlier portraits, but this is pretty much what he looks like. My drawing skills have since improved.

This week I’m going to be discussing Artakin Enlien, the mysterious scarlet-eyed prince from the kingdom of Kaidia. In last weeks post I revealed a little bit as to why Odinaty hates people with dark hair. It has a lot to do with their history and a different prince who caused a whole lot of hell for them. Kaidia is one of the kingdoms that Odinaty loathes, especially because that other prince built the place. Odinatins are never allowed to associate with Kaidians and vice versa.

That doesn’t stop Artakin from trespassing onto their land. His reasons are a secret. In fact his character is quite mysterious and because of MAJOR spoilers, I will only be revealing a little bit about him.

Artakin can’t stand Kaidia. It doesn’t help that his father isn’t the friendly type. To get away from this grumpy, lonely king, Artakin leaves the castle. This is when he meets Odinaty’s black-haired princess, Valinia Noor. Because of her his views on life change, but it’s hard to transition to a new life when people from his dark past start popping up.

He is still trapped.

They each want something different from him, and he isn’t sure which person he can trust. He wants to break free from all his horrid memories, but he can’t run from them. Not until he chooses a side. The choice he makes may very well upset the one person he cares about, but at the same time it might just keep her safe.

720x1302 (2) - Edited (2)

There you have it: a little sneak peek into Artakin Enlien’s story. He’s 1 of 6 main protagonists in, The Lucin Stone.

Eager for more? NOWS YOUR CHANCE! My book is available to beta read. All you have to do is read THIS beta reading post and sign up! Or you can head on over HERE and read the Prologue and the first 2 chapters. Stay tuned as I post more updates on my book in the next coming weeks.

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