Alsar Farren

Welcome to Part 4 of All About The Lucin Stone. If you missed the last three you can check them out below:

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First, I’ve got another portrait to share. This is Alsar Farren. And yes, he wears a blindfold ALL the time. If you want to find out why, too bad! You’ll have to read the story.

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This week you get to meet Alsar Farren. A beta reader fave! He was born blind in the fair-haired kingdom known for hating anyone with dark hair (visit Valinia Noor’s post if you want to learn a bit about why that is). Fortunately for Alsar, he lives in the castle where he is pretty safe, thanks to King Cassius Noor. As a child, Alsar was recruited into The Knights Order by the archknight, one of my other OCs.

Alsar is a humble and compassionate person, but he has no confidence in his fighting abilities. He feels his disability is a burden on the other knights. It doesn’t help that some ridicule him, but that all changes when he is 1 of 3 chosen knights to join Cassius Noor on an important mission. He has a chance to prove himself and gain confidence in his abilities, and let me tell you—his abilities are pretty sick! Unfortunately, all I can mention is that he has heightened senses. The rest will be kept a secret until the book is released.

Alsar is a young recruit and has never been on any quests or in war. He doesn’t exactly have the best experience, but Cassius believes he’s one of the knights most suitable for this perilous journey.

Along with three companions, Alsar must find the holy Lucin Stone and deliver it to an uncharted village. Secrets might be trapped within the mysterious stone that’s rumored to be cursed and Alsar might be the key to unlocking them.

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There you have it: a little sneak peek into Alsar Farren’s story. He’s 1 of 6 main protagonists in, The Lucin Stone.

Eager for more? NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! My book is available to beta read. All you have to do is read THIS beta reading post and sign up! Or you can head on over HERE and read the Prologue and the first 2 chapters. Stay tuned as I post more updates on my book in the next coming weeks.