The Lucin Stone Blurb

Book 2 of the Wardens of the Crystallis series.

Genre: Epic Fantasy/ Mystery/ Romance
Category: Adult
Release Date: TBA

Another letter. Another request. Another mission.

Cassius Noor never met LC. He has completed countless tasks for this recurring stranger. Never questioning. Always trusting. Until now.
According to LC, the Lucin Stone is imperative to the future of mankind’s existence. Cassius must find it. He will do anything in his power to complete his mission, that includes ignoring the stone’s cursed rumors. The journey could cost him his life and his kingdom, but he prioritizes the stone. Three knights journey with him across the Eklend continent. A dark force inhabits the north. Will the stone be enough to stop them, or is LC the one that Cassius should worry about?

Archknight Oziah Oliendur undertakes a burdening investigation. Potential traitors could lurk in the castle. When he digs deeper, he discovers the sinister secrets of his kingdom. A new threat is on the rise. The people he is fighting for are in danger. He won’t stop until the threats end, but what he seeks may lead him down a path much darker than he expected.

Valinia Noor hates her kingdom and her black hair. Most of all, she hates isolation. When she stumbles upon an evil prince’s diary, she learns that she isn’t alone in her distress. His experiences lead her to find answers. Her life takes a drastic turn when she meets a prince from the enemy kingdom. Through him she gains more than she had hoped for and with it, she learns her own people aren’t the only ones after her blood.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Adult language, animal murder, drugs and alcoholism, graphic violence, murder, sexism, slut shaming, discrimination, and racism.

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