About Wardens of the Crystallis

Wardens of the Crystallis is my Adult Epic Fantasy series. The other genres included are adventure, romance, and mystery. The story is told in 9 points of view throughout 5 planned books. Depending on the changes I make, the number of perspectives may rise, or shrink.

The Plot

The main goal of series requires these 9 characters to look for specific crystals (More than a dozen) to save their world. Hence the title Wardens of the Crystallis. Some of the characters are for it, but others are against it. They think finding these crystals will destroy their world. Others believe they can be used to save their world or open Paradise. This causes some of the characters to pick sides and turn on one another. Other forces get in the way such as relationships, monsters, and other people that are after these crystals.

The Setting

WOTC takes place in my entire fictional world, but most of the setting takes place in Haria. This continent is based on Medieval Europe with a wide range of diverse people. All except the kingdom of Odinaty (Damn those bigoted bastards). The rest of the world is just as diverse. Depending on the location, the technology extends as far as the 1800s. This is in part due to the way certain countries developed as well as the use of powers and “magic”.