Hello! I’m looking for beta readers to read my upcoming Adult Epic Fantasy novel, The Lucin Stone. One round of betas have already read through my manuscript. I have edited it several times since. You don’t have to worry about reading a manuscript riddled with errors. I want feedback on content, not grammar.

If you’re looking for a story with…

  • Twists
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Realistic Characters
  • Powers
  • Complex Plot

then The Lucin Stone might be for you!

About my novel:

The Lucin Stone is the first book in the Wardens of the Crystallis series. The story follows 6 main points of view. You can learn about each of the character’s stories below and read the blurb.

Cassius | Valinia | Oziah | Alsar | Alrin | Artakin

Another letter. Another request. Another mission.

Cassius Noor never met LC. He has completed countless tasks for this recurring stranger. Never questioning. Always trusting. Until now.

According to LC, the Lucin Stone is imperative to the future of mankind’s existence. Cassius must find it. He will do anything in his power to complete his mission, that includes ignoring the stone’s cursed rumors. The journey could cost him his life and his kingdom, but he chooses to prioritize the stone. Three knights join him on a journey across the Eklend continent where they encounter enemies and allies, while questioning the stones true purpose. Along the way, Cassius stumbles upon another quest that leads him to discover an uncontrollable darkness.

Archknight Oziah Oliendur undertakes a burdening investigation. Potential traitors could lurk within the castle. When he digs deeper he discovers the sinister secrets of his beloved kingdom. A new threat is on the rise. The people he is fighting for are in danger, including Cassius’s daughter.

Valinia Noor hates her kingdom and her black hair but most of all she hates being isolated. When her father’s departure leaves her in distress, she ventures outside and meets a prince from the enemy kingdom. Her life takes a drastic turn. Through him she gains more than she had hoped for and with it she learns her own people aren’t the only ones who want her blood.

I’m looking for beta readers aged 18+, but I am willing to accept readers under that age if you are comfortable with gore, cursing, and sexual references. Racism and discrimination are present, but not mentioned that often.

What my process involves:

Chapters will be sent in sections through email along with a question sheet. The questions ask your thoughts/opinions on the characters and scenes as well as how you have perceived the story. More information is available in the sign up form.

Your answers must be honest, long, and as detailed as possible.

If you sign up to be my beta reader, DO NOT be afraid to contact me. If you decide to quit for whatever reason, tell me. Please don’t leave me hanging. I will understand.

If you’re interested in beta reading The Lucin Stone, please follow the link below.


If you have any questions, send them to my Tumblr ask box, contact form, or DM me on Twitter.