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WOTC Mid-Quarter Update


I’m going to be putting my updates back on my website and not just on Tumblr. So here it goes…

I wanted to do a mid quarter update because I made some changes to my goals. I also came up with a new story idea. Details are below!

First, I wanted to mention that I made a page about my epic fantasy series, Wardens of the Crystallis. It has some information on the setting, characters, as well as new quotes. I may update it more in the future.

Check out the about page for WOTC HERE.

Let’s get to what I’ve done so far!


I figured out some details for a character. Fucking finally! 😁

When I created him I already had an idea for what his role was, but I had no what type of person he was. He had a clean image in my head, but I hated it. Now, he plays dirty and is a manipulative little shit. 😝

I have to rework my outline to fit him into the story better. There are still some details I haven’t fleshed out. It’s a bit harder to figure out everything because I haven’t written the full book. Plus, a lot of the things he does happens behind the scenes. This isn’t really a big setback. I will continue to write and edit as I figure out the rest of the details. I’m excited about what I have so far. I just hope it all works out and gets better as I move on.


I made a slight change to Oziah’s plot. The change isn’t that drastic, but it does require me to add 2 chapters and change some things around. I already added 1. It’s such a simple chapter but pretty great. A quote from that very chapter is already up under Oziah’s section in the about page.

Other than that, these 5 chapters for TLS are taking a bit more work. I have read most of them. Only 2 of the chapters are decent and 2 are new. One of them hasn’t been written yet. This is the one where I’m supposed to introduce new characters and I have nothing for them yet. The last one I have to overhaul the first half because I pulled some information out and put it elsewhere. And it is just crap. Absolute crap. 😫 This is going to take some thought and I don’t have motivation to do that right now.


Now for the The NEW WIP aka…


I have no title yet. I can’t share too much because it’s way too new, but I absolutely love it! I even wrote a blurb. Sorry, can’t share it yet! I haven’t been this excited about a new story idea since, Wardens of the Crystallis. It is a modern fantasy, set in a fictional world. I don’t know how else to label it right now.

The main character is the most fleshed out. I have his past worked out and where he is headed. And he is heavily flawed, realistic, and absolutely a blast to write for! I have to be creative when I write his dialogue and his thoughts because he is cocky, clever, outspoken, and can come off as cynical and selfish. But at the same time he is a bit of a mess, but he suppresses it. The blurb even mentions how his mistakes get him into a boat load of trouble. Despite all this, he has his own heartbreaking motives and well… deep down he’s a pretty decent guy!

I’m grinning from ear to ear right now. (This is the only time I would ever write this cliché.) I just can’t help but express my undying love for this character. 😍 😂

Anyway, I have written 2 1/2 chapters already. They are pretty sloppy, but what I like about the first one is that it places the readers right into the middle of everything. There is no set up, or explanations. Things are learned throughout the story, like with all my books, but this one is a bit different. I have some other ideas floating around for it but it does need quite a bit of work. WOTC is still my main project! I want to work on this project when I want to take a break from WOTC.

Let’s face it, I have been working on WOTC as early as late 2012 and seriously since 2015. It’s a humongous project and I love it, but it can be very overwhelming at times. It is rewarding to be able to work on a project that isn’t WOTC or takes place in that world. The Reno WIP isn’t as complex, at least not yet. I don’t think it will be as massive as WOTC. As of right now, it is a standalone.

My goals I made early in the quarter are listed below. I made some adjustments as well as added what I have done so far.

April – June Goals:

❇︎ Line edit TLS chapters 24-28 + 11 & 12

I added these two new chapters to edit because of the changes I made.

❇︎ Cut 500 words from chapters 24-28

❇︎ Complete 1-3 character profiles

I lowered the goal because I have been focusing on the books and these profiles aren’t coming along so great.

❇︎ Edit First 10-20 TBF Chapters:

I started at the beginning again. I know I’m a horrible failure and I can’t finish my book. 😅 Please hear me out. I wanted to go over it again, because I might be swapping some chapters with my CP over the summer. I want to make sure they are polished first. She will be the first to read it, so I’m pretty nervous but also excited to see what she thinks!

❇︎ Edit TBF chapters 21-25: 1

Though I’m starting from the beginning again, I still want to continue fixing the remaining chapters I have written. If I get 5 done, I’ll be happy. These chapters are a bit tough because 2 of them have a lot of description/action and not as much dialogue.

❇︎ Finish a character portrait

No way am I doing this this quarter, so I removed it. I haven’t even started filling in the sketch. I need way more practice with colored pencils and digital art. I don’t know when I’ll get another one done, unless I stick with traditional. I want color, okay! 😭

❇︎ Read 5 Chapters in psychology book: 2

I had this book for a few months and haven’t been reading it as actively as I should be. It has helped with note taking for my books, so far.

❇︎ Organize The Reno WIP Notes

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