Quarterly Goals, Wardens of the Crystallis

WOTC – 4th Quarter Update


*Starting in 2020 all of my updates for WOTC will be on my Tumblr only.

On my hiatus in July, I didn’t get as many writing goals done as I wanted, but it was still progress! I did a note card outline for books 1 and 2. It helped me figure out some missing parts for TBF. I also did some editing and transferred my monster of a timeline into a spreadsheet. It’s better organized now!

July was the month I spent the most on my mental health. I think it’s part of the reason why I wasn’t doing as well on my goals as I wanted to. I decided to focus my mind elsewhere by listening to music more (I used to a lot) and studying a new language. This really helped! I haven’t been practicing the language as much recently, because I’ve been doing so well on my writing goals. I don’t want to lose that streak. I’ve been feeling better since then, but I’m still struggling with some things. I’m going to try and continue focusing on what makes me happy and what’s most important in my life right now.

As for the rest of my goals, I completed them in August and had to make another goal list for September! I also finished most of those and started on the last quarter already. Whew! I don’t even know how I did it. 😌


It’s been a little over a year since I first began Erador’s journey. I can’t thank my betas enough for their feedback. They helped me reflect on my series and realize Erador’s story should be told sooner. Since I removed it from The Lucin Stone, it has become even better. It keeps growing month by month. I’m very pleased with it and I can’t wait until it’s as polished as TLS.

I have a little more than 15 chapters left to write. For this quarter I decided to stop writing and edit what I have written. I haven’t read through this story as much as TLS, so I’m having a hard time remembering certain things. I want to refresh my memory and write down the most important information in each chapter. That way I don’t have to always reference what someone did/said, or the rules of Erador’s shadow ability. 😆

Current Word Count: 69,694


Line edits and more line edits. I’ve said before that I have a few chapters to write, mostly in Artakin’s perspective, but I’m waiting to get a bit further in TBF or possibly finish it before I start. His story is affected the most by TBF. We’ll see. I might just get the urge to do it before that.

Wait! I actually realized that I did develop a new character a bit and he’s very important to the plot, but seldom appears. I’m excited to see what else I can do with him throughout TLS and the series. I’ve got some other foreshadowing and what not to weave in. I’m just not sure exactly where to do it yet.

Current Word Count: 211,643

July-September Goals:

*September goals are included in parentheses

❇︎✔️TLS: Line Edit Chapters 9-13

I split a chapter in 2 so I edited 5 instead of 4

❇︎✔️TLS: Read Chapter 11 a few times (Newer chapter, needed more edits)

❇︎ ❌ Cut 500 words from chapters 9-13

I cut around 350-400 words. It’s close enough. I don’t know if I can cut much more from those chapters right now. I’m not sure about it, since I didn’t document some of the words I cut. Amazingly, I somehow cut more than 1k from chapter 14 last week. I struggled with that scene for a while and I’m pleased with the improvements.

❇︎ ✔️TBF: Write 5-10 chapters

I wrote 9. I reached my goal!

❇︎ ✔️Complete 3 character profiles (9)

I completed 8 and part of 2 others.

❇︎ ✔️Organize TLS notes

❇︎ ✔️(Reorganize note card outlines)

 October-December Goals:

❇︎ Line edit chapters 14-18

14 has been edited but I go over them at least 3 times before they are counted as complete.

❇︎ ✔️Cut 1,000 words from chapters 14-18

Already cut 1k for chapter 14. I hope to cut at least 500 more from the rest.

❇︎ Complete 3-5 character profiles

✔️Edit 5-10 TBF Chapters

I did 6, and I’m not stopping!😋

Optional Goals:

The next goals are in place if I feel in the mood to either edit TLS chapters on paper or get some inspiration to write some chapters for TBF.

❇ TLS Chapters edited on paper: 5 out of 13

 TBF Chapters Written: 0

To learn more about my novels follow the links below:

Learn about 4 out of 7 character’s stories:

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