Book Progress, Wardens of the Crystallis

WOTC Update – June Update

I have decided that I will be taking a hiatus until the end…

of July. I won’t be checking my feed during this time, but I will still respond to messages. Probably not as quickly as I usually do.

One reason is for some recent things that have resurfaced in the writing community. It added more stress to my life and I already have enough to deal with at the moment.

The 2nd reason is that I want to put what little free time I have into finishing the first draft of The Blue Flame. When I wrote the first draft of The Lucin Stone I finished it in about 4 months. I did this before I knew about the writing communities on social media. It was a great moment for me. I wasn’t thinking about publishing, sharing my work, or worrying that it will take too long to release a novel. I wrote for me and that’s something I still do. I just feel it’s recently been more about me wishing to get it published rather than focusing on finishing the book for myself. I don’t intend to rush it, and never have. I take my work very seriously. I’m hoping this month long break will be beneficial.

I wrote more chapters than I originally planned. I did about 8 near the beginning of the quarter. Then about 2 ½ more recently. That’s a total of 10 ½ chapters. Holy shit! It’s more than I thought I did. 😆 My motivation had dwindled mid quarter and I was feeling pretty down but after totaling the chapters, I’m very pleased!

I made some changes to the story. I added new characters, a romance, a card game, sunflowers, animal tattoos, and a whole lot more. The story has grown drastically after removing it from The Lucin Stone. I’m really excited about all the changes! I am about halfway done with the first draft. I still have some things to get in order and I might add a few more chapters as I write.

Despite reaching my new goal of writing 10 chapters, getting some of it on paper has been hard. I need to write about 18 more chapters, possibly a few more. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the year.

Current Word Count: 48,491

Line edits are still coming along great! I’m very happy with all the improvements. I’m going to slow down on line edits for the third quarter. I want to focus more on getting the first draft of TBF done. So I’m dropping the number to about 3 chapters this time around.

Current Word Count: 232,373

April-June Goals:

❇︎ ✔️ Line edit chapters 5-8
❇︎ ❌ Cut 1,500 words from chapters 5-8

I cut 835. I should have set my goal to 1,000. I did remove one chapter from this goal and decided to delay edits for it until the 3rd quarter, since it needs a bit of work.
❇︎ ❌ Complete 3 character profiles

I completed 1, and almost 3 others. I wasn’t sure on some of the back story information for some of my characters, so I left them incomplete on purpose. I’m still counting this as a fail.

❇︎✔️ Write 3 Erador chapters

I wrote 10 ½!
❇︎ ❌ Organize The Lucin Stone notes

I did some of this, and other note organizing instead. 😋 I really should get this done soon.

July-September Goals:

❇︎ TLS: Line Edit Chapters 9, 10, 12
❇︎ TLS: Read Chapter 11 a few times (Newer chapter, needs more edits)
❇︎ Cut 500 words from chapters 9, 10, 12
❇︎ TBF: Write 5-10 chapters
❇︎ Complete 3 Character profiles
❇︎ Organize TLS notes

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