Book Progress, Wardens of the Crystallis

WOTC UPDATE – Exciting News!


I’m doing an early update since I did some major adjustments to my epic fantasy book series! I posted about it on my Twitter already, but I wanted to go into a little more detail.

After more than 4 years of working on The Lucin Stone…

I decided it will no longer be the first novel I release.


Why would I decide after working so hard on this book to release a different one first? Well, I like to write stories that are really complex, but The Lucin Stone just might be too complex. It’s silly of me to even say this since TSI (Which was once book 2) is way more complex, but at least it’s split into two parts. It’s much easier to follow. The Lucin Stone is more difficult with Erador’s perspective.

I never expected this to happen. I mean, I didn’t even think I would put Erador’s full perspective in TLS. His story is currently at 28 chapters. He was already a main character in the series and has 1 chapter at the end of TLS, but I wanted to tell his story sooner.

I was very excited to add him into TLS, and then I ran into a problem. It became too much.

Though I enjoyed writing his new chapters, it was overwhelming. I had so much to write, so much to edit. I thought it would be at least 5 more years until I could even see TLS as a complete novel. To make it worse, I wasn’t as motivated to write despite all my awesome ideas.

Then it dawned on me.

Why not make it a separate book?

Just recently, I got the idea of releasing Erador’s story as the first novel in the Wardens of the Crystallis series. It just clicked. I had to do a bit of thinking to make sure it didn’t spoil anything and that I could explain some of the world building in TLS through his story. Erador’s story does tie into TLS but it’s mostly separate. His ending doesn’t connect as much as it does for the other 6 perspectives. I’m still working on the details, but I think I can pull this off.

After finally deciding it was a great idea, I went ahead and gave it a temporary name…


After this, my motivation came back!

Honestly it was like 10x stronger. I’ve been so eager to release a book and I could potentially get this one out faster. I’ve already written four chapters more this quarter, which is 1 more than my goal.

I will be working on The Lucin Stone simultaneously. Since The Blue Flame and TLS happen in the same year, I want everything to line up properly. I will be focusing mostly on TBF for now, at least until the first draft is done. I’m hoping by the end of next quarter I will be finished. After that, I will let it rest, edit at least one more time, and then I will be requesting beta readers.

Current Word Count: 36,024

Will climb, since I’ve only written a little less than half the chapters. I’m guessing TBF will reach into the low 100,000 range.


For TLS: I removed the first three chapters from my website. Not only did I move Chapter 0 into The Blue Flame, I also improved the first few chapters in TLS. I’ll share some chapters from TBF in the near future, since TLS is now 2nd.

I’m still trying to get some line editing done for TLS, and I also have a few chapters to add. Mostly in Artakin’s perspective. He has the most ties to Erador’s story. I’m hoping to make a few improvements to the other perspectives as well.

I know all of this is going to take a lot of time, and part of me is dying to release a book already, but I know it’s not worth it to rush.

Current Word Count: 207,601

I cut about 30,000 words after removing Erador’s chapters.

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