Book Progress, Quarterly Goals, Wardens of the Crystallis


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The 1st quarter has been great for me overall! I finally got…

Erador’s chapters in order a few days ago. Right before the quarter ended! I organized them in what will be the Table of Contents for the final book. I’m very excited that I figured out the direction of his story. It’s so amazing and I love it! 😊 There are still missing pieces, but I’m hoping to fill those in as I write.

Around 27 chapters are in his POV. I’ve written and edited 7 1/2. I have about 20 to go. With my current schedule, I’m hoping to write at least 3 or 4 chapters per quarter. Though I hope I can do more now that I have a set outline.

I’m making changes for the other points of view as well, because of Erador’s story. It’s nothing drastic that will greatly alter the story. Just a few improvements here and there.

January – March Goals:

❌Write 3 Erador chapters and edit

I wrote 2 1/2 chapters this quarter. It’s close, but I’m still counting this one as a fail.

✔️Line edit chapters 1-4

I did Chapter 0 as well. That makes it five chapters total. I made huge improvements to these chapters and I’m so proud of them. I can’t wait to share!

✔️Finish 2 character profiles

I did 2 shorter profiles this time.

✔️Cut 1,000 words

I cut 1,497. Nearly 500 more than my goal!

3 out of 4 Done! On top of this I’ve edited several other chapters. I’m really proud of all my accomplishments and excited to start the 2nd quarter!

April – June Goals:

❇︎ Line edit chapters 5-9

❇︎ Cut 1,500 words from chapters 5-9

❇︎ Complete 3 character profiles

❇︎ Write 3 Erador chapters

❇︎ Organize The Lucin Stone notes

Current Word Count: 233,208

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