Book Progress, Wardens of the Crystallis

WOTC: February 2019 Update


If you would like to learn more about my characters or read some of my work, follow the links below:

Learn more about 4 out of 7 character’s stories:

This month, 4 years ago, is when I began writing the first draft of The Lucin Stone. I can’t believe it’s been that long! My novel has grown and improved since. With each new draft, I’m closer to being able to share it with you all. I’m so excited and can’t wait for that time!

Last week I finished a line edit of the first chapter and I think it’s at a point where I’m ready to send it to an editor. It’s so exciting to know I’m this close! It’s still too soon to give a release date, though. I have quite a lot to do.

Let’s get to all the new things!


New changes have been happening to my novel. I added one more point of view, as well as some new chapters and scenes. This requires me to slow down my editing, but I’m okay with that!

I had talked briefly about Erador’s POV in my 2019 Goals. His story takes place in one of the most hated nations. More will be revealed in the book as to why. His story has brought a lot of different elements into the book. I can’t share much, but I’m pretty excited about it!

Here’s my list for last quarter. Let’s see how I did…

To-Do List:

1. Change Character Names:

I changed 2 names that I didn’t like, and I don’t think I’ll be doing any more name changes at this point. I decided to keep Artakin’s family name. It just kind of stuck!

2. Change the Average Age of my Race:

I didn’t exactly do this. I decided on the age, but it’s just a big task to complete. I have to apply it to the entire novel and the timeline. Plus I have to finish some character profiles first. I want to make certain everything is right, otherwise I’ll have to make changes again.

3. Finish the 2 Marsh Chapters:

I’m so close to getting to these. I put these on hold because I’ve been trying to keep up with my CP. We have been exchanging chapters as we edit. So, I had to put them aside. The chapters are soon, so by next quarter they will be done.

4. Finish 10 Character Profiles by the Next Update:

I don’t know what I was thinking when I made this goal. I only did about 2.5. My profiles are about 30ish pages of back story notes for each character. I assure you all the information IS important to the main story. I decided to make this a goal for the entire year instead. I’m doing about 2 per quarter. Trying to get the most important ones done first!

I’m making some adjustments to my goals. I used to do quarterly ones in the past, and I’ve decided to adapt them to better suit my schedule. I want to give myself around 5 realistic goals to complete each quarter and if I do more great! I’ll up my goals in the future when my schedule isn’t as hectic.

1st Quarter Goals:

1. Write 3 Erador chapters and edit

2. Line edit chapters 1-4

3. Finish 2 character profiles

4. Cut 1,000 words

Current Word Count: 225,235

I’m going to try and post the next update at the start of April this time, so I have less than 2 months to complete this. I think I can manage it. See you then!

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