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2019 Goals & 2018 Recap

Somehow I forgot that I made goals at the beginning of 2018. Now I’m wondering how I even thought I would get these done. Looking back on these goals, I feel stupid and unaccomplished. I finished 1 of these goals. Just 1 and that wasn’t even up to me.

After thinking on it, I realized some of these were out of my control. I gained another huge responsibility in 2017. I also have a great CP now and I made massive improvements to book 1.

These were all positive! It’s part of why I didn’t complete these goals. I may be working at a slower pace, but I’m still working!

I’m going to do a recap and add a few more realistic goals that fit my schedule for 2019.

2018 Recap

1. Finish Draft 1 of Book 2 for Wardens of the Crystallis Series

Also referred to as TSI. This is an absolute no. I wrote a few chapters at the beginning of the year but that’s it. This is on hold until I finish The Lucin Stone. I’ll go into more detail on why I’m focusing solely on it later in this post.

2. Finish Beta Round 2 for The Lucin Stone

Did it! I only had 2 beta readers that stuck around and they gave amazing feedback. I’m very happy they helped! I’ll be making improvements based on their comments.

3. Draw One of my Original Characters

I’m so sad that I didn’t get a chance to do this! I have been wanting to draw this entire year. In my free time I have to choose between this or writing. Writing takes the win every time. I have no idea when I’ll pick a time to draw but I hope soon.

4. Design a Symbol

I still haven’t done this, but I do have some ideas in mind. I can’t wait until I make the final piece.

5. Choose My Editor

Another goal not completed but that’s okay. I’m not ready for an editor yet like I thought. So, I’m putting this one on hold.

2019 Goals

1. Finish Erador’s Chapters

Around the beginning of the 4th quarter I came up with some ideas to add to The Lucin Stone. This is thanks to my beta as well as some gripes I already had with my story. My book already has 6 interlinking points of view, so I thought why not add another. Sounds hectic right? It is, but it makes sense. Erador adds an important viewpoint, strengthens the story, and helps cut some of the info dumps I had in Artakin’s POV.

One thing I hated about the first book is lack of diversity. Most of TLS takes place in Odinaty. The only people living there are white with fair hair. This has do with the history which is important to the story line. I would have had to wait until book 2 to include the diverse characters I made, but now I don’t have to! With Erador’s POV, I have freedom to do that. I’m pretty excited with the new ideas, characters, and changes! I can’t wait until you can read it!

Once I finish my edits, I will be recruiting more betas.

2. Finish New Artakin Chapters

Because of Erador, I made some changes to Artakin’s storyline. In his chapters he mentioned some things he did but they never actually happened and I realize how stupid that sounded. So, I decided to add those scenes and they are making the story better! It’s only about four chapters, so it’s not too bad.

3. Finish Editing The Lucin Stone

TLS is about 200k . That’s an estimate from last I checked. Hopefully it will go down with edits. It’s why it takes so long to read. I’m already up to chapter 12? I think. I’m taking it step by step as I finish Erador’s chapters and swap them with my CP. I’m pretty sure I will finish this goal in 2019.

4. Finish Ten Character Profiles

I talked about these through my other updates. I have at least 75 character backstories I have to finish. Many of them interlink and have to do with the main plot. It’s a mess of information right now, so 10 is more manageable because I’m still editing my monster of a book. If I do more, great! I at least want to get ten done.

I kept it more simple this time around. I’m already working on all of these goals every week, so it’s more likely that I will finish them in 2019.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!

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