Book Progress, Wardens of the Crystallis

Wardens of the Crystallis: July Update


It’s been a while so I decided to give an update on my progress!

Here are a few links you can click on to learn more about my book, The Lucin Stone:

Learn more about 4 out of 6 character’s stories



Edits have been a bit slow and that’s because of 3 new chapters I’m working on adding. This new addition has improved the book. It extended Cassius’s story to be exact and has also caused the series to change a bit. One of my characters does a complete 180 from what he originally would do. I love the new ideas and I’m so happy! I hope readers will like it too. I also included a few new scenes to accommodate these new chapters.

One of my betas is still reading the book and I’m hoping she will be done by the end of summer. Her feedback has been great! I’m always in need of beta readers. If you are interested, you can sign up using the link above.

I’ve worked so hard on this story for over 3 years now and I’m hoping that I will be done editing soon. I would love to move onto book 2. But until then, The Lucin Stone will remain my main focus. I want to at least finish the edits by January 2019.

Here is what still needs to be done:

  • Finish writing the three new chapters and edit once or twice
  • Address remaining beta feedback
  • Apply my remaining notes
  • Edit the book
    • Cut words or other unnecessary sentences, fix awkward sections etc.
  • Read one last time

Current word Count: 200,724

My book jumped up 20k with all the editing and new chapters. I did not expect it to get so high. My previous goal was to drop my word count from 180k to 170k but I don’t see that happening, so I’m shooting for 190k. I’m crossing my fingers that I can get it there, but we’ll see!


What is TSI you ask?

It’s the acronym for book 2. And no the S does not stand for seashell, despite the banner. I’m so happy I no longer have to refer to it just as book 2 anymore! Unfortunately, I’m not ready to reveal the title because I’m uncertain if this will be the final one. The only hint I’ll give is that it’s the name of a symbol that appears throughout the book quite often.

I recently made some changes to TSI. It’s big, but fortunately I don’t have to stray away from my original ideas. I had to add some new scenes to my outline with the addition of 1 new character. This character just came out of nowhere.

I was writing a scene for Baust, whom I love dearly and I want the best for him but his life is a big mess of course. 😛 More on that in TSI. Anyway, this new character popped into the scene and messed everything up. I mean, holy crap he changed the timeline! He has a huge role in the plot now and will affect everything from The Lucin Stone and beyond. Thus why I made a change to one of the characters decisions in TLS.

Because of this change, a lot of conflict will arise between characters who trust each other. 😉 It definitely causes a lot more tension and readers will wonder who is taking the correct path.

To-do list for TSI:

  • Organize notes
  • Fix outline
  • Write part 1
  • Write part 2

That’s pretty much it. I do have a few scenes written, some of which I love and flow so well. At least for now. We’ll see how I feel about them once it’s time to edit.

I’m expecting this book to be well over 200k because it has 2 parts.

The Rest of the Series

I’m not certain how many books will be in this series yet. I’m thinking at least 5. But I have to do some more planning and do some basic outlines for the rest of the books to see where I’m at. I’ll be doing this along with all the other editing and writing. Phew! Writing a book is tough but planning a series in a fictional word on top of that is far more daunting.

The other day my partner mentioned that my complex book series is both it’s strong and weak point. Which I agree with. I understand that not everyone will want to read such a complicated book, but that’s not going to stop me from writing it.

That’s it for my updates this month. I’m planning on posting some excerpts for The Lucin Stone and maybe even TSI in the near future, so keep an eye out for those if you’re interested!

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