4 Fictional Romances I Loathe

It’s that time of year again. Love is in there air and money! To be thrown around to spend on jewelry, roses, chocolates, and edible panties. What better way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day by listing a few fictional romances I can’t stand. I decided to mix it up a little and provide some romances from other sources besides books.


1. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter Series)

I have a lot of negative things to say about the romances in Harry Potter, but I decided to stick with the protagonists for this one. It has been years since I read the Harry Potter books and though I liked them, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a fan. But that doesn’t mean I can’t rant a bit about a particular “romance.”

When I read that Harry and Ginny were a couple, I just wondered…really? Where is this coming from?

Ginny is a background character and she hardly has any parts in the books. She is known as Ron’s sister and has a crush on Harry, but she wasn’t really that memorable.

There was no background or development between Harry and Ginny. Based on what I read in the books, it doesn’t make sense that their relationship blossomed into a happy marriage and 3 kids. The Epilogue was cringeworthy and their entire relationship seems like a poorly put together fanfiction.

2. Lunafreya and Noctis (Final Fantasy XV)

When I first thought of including this pairing, I asked myself this question: Why is this one on the list? There isn’t romance between these two characters at all, but as the story went on, it was clear that’s what the writers were going for.

Final Fantasy is well known for it’s romances; Rinoa and Squall, Tidus and Yuna, ones that I had rooted for, but this one…Pfftt What the fuck were they thinking? It baffles me every time.

I get Lunafreya and Noctis were arranged to be married, but that doesn’t make them lovers. Though it is clear that they do care about each other. Great, I can see that considering they had seen each other as kids and wrote letters to one another for what, 12 years but for them to be in love is just…I don’t see it. It felt forced. To make things worse, Luna’s character was underdeveloped and when she died I felt ZERO emotion. That’s how most of this game made me feel, so it’s no surprise.

The ending where Noct and Luna seemed happily married and kissed as if they were in love was frustrating. I’m sorry but Noctis might as well have been kissing Prompto because at least they connected and spent a lot of time together.

3. Kili and Tauriel (The Hobbit Movies)

Fili and Kili are two of my favorite dwraves from The Hobbit movies. In fact I like them so much, two of my characters from my epic fantasy series, Wardens of he Crystallis, are loosely based on them. The only things they have in common are their hair colors, and that they are both brothers with similar names. I suppose how one uses a bow and the other an axe can be included too.

I enjoyed Fili and Kili’s air time, but there is one thing that always made me cringe and it is the forced romance between Kili and the elf Tauriel.

Adding a female elf that didn’t exist in the book didn’t bother me, but the further the movies went on the more I wished she wasn’t there.

The romance between them was forced and unrealistic. They had nothing to go on. Kili basically saw Tauriel and woop! Up it went! It was like: Your hot, I’m hot. Let’s get it on kind of moment.

Don’t get me started on the ending! It was cliched and stupid. The way they had Kili die was so corny. It was supposed to be a heart-wrenching moment but I just face-palmed and yelled at the TV. Instead of having this unnecessary, cliched romance I would have rather seen more bonding time between the brothers.

4. Ross and Rachael (Friends TV Show)

I’m not a fan of the Friends show. Sure it has some good funny moments, but I don’t hate it nor love it. I never understood why they date so many people, but that’s not entirely the point of this post.

The romance I hated the most in this show was between Ross and Rachael. Ross had a huge crush on Rachael since his teen years. He carries that crush into his adult years and gets to a point where he must confess his love for Rachael, who only sees him as a friend. It’s only when Rachael finally finds out he loves her and when Ross is with another woman that Rachael wants him.

Um…what? Tell me how that is a good reason to like someone.

Ross basically breaks up with his girlfriend so he can date Rachael. Which I knew wasn’t going to last. There was no spark between them. The relationship was very immature and went back and forth throughout the show. Rachael only liked Ross because he liked her. She showed no interest in his passion. As to why Ross liked Rachael…I didn’t see it. She wasn’t very bright and they didn’t have much in common. Ross dated other women that were much more compatible.

For a while they were separate, but in the end they were right back with each other. Typical. Knowing their history, it will just end in disaster again.

There you have it. Those are 4 fictional romances I can’t stand.

What are your least favorite fictional romances? Discuss in the comments!

2 thoughts on “4 Fictional Romances I Loathe”

  1. Oh….my….god…YES! I can’t agree more. Especially on Harry and Ginny. I actually really liked the Potter books, but I could not understand why people like the couple so much. I’ve been told several times that they have this connection I just don’t get :/ I just say that whole relationship has ‘Love Potion’ plastered all over it in bold.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! What connection? I was completely shocked when they got together. Talk about having an unexpected twist, but not a good one. I agree with you on the love potion. That’s the only way it could make sense.


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