Writing Tips

10 Ways to Help You Want to Write

Writing a book can suck at times. It takes months or even years to complete. At times you won’t want to write, but if you can’t push through that feeling you’ll never finish.

Here are a few ways that may help you stay motivated to write that book.

1. Write About a Fun Topic

Don’t force yourself to write a story that you hate just because it’s popular. Trends change and by the time you finish the book it might not be popular anymore, so why waste the effort? If you write about something you enjoy, it won’t seem like work. It will make writing much more fun and worth it.

2. Set Goals

If you are the type who loves checking shit off a list, goals might just be for you! Making goals will help you keep track of what you need to do, and you will be more inclined to complete these goals.

You want to know what’s embarrassing for some people? Posting their progress publicly. Yep. This might actually get you to do your goals because you’re so embarrassed. Though you could just lie…but why would you? Not completing your goals is only hurting yourself.

Tip: Set smaller goals. Larger ones will feel more overwhelming, and you will be less inclined to do them.

Remember: Sometimes life gets in the way of those goals and you can’t always finish them in time. That is okay. You can always finish it next time.

Here is a site where you can keep track of your progress and cheer other writers on.


3. Daydream—Only if it Keeps You Going

If daydreaming about publishing your book, getting rave reviews, and getting lots of fans keeps you going—go for it. Don’t be ashamed of it. A lot of writers do it. It can feel good to think one day people will LOVE your book. Just don’t overdo it. You’ve got to finish the book before you can even get to that stage.

4. Talk to Other Writers

Who else can relate to your endeavors other than writers like you? They know that anxious feeling, the rejection, and they struggle the same way that you do. Find other writers to talk to. Share your troubles and help one another through the process.

5. Talk About Your Book

This ALWAYS gets me pumped about my book. I love to talk about my stories and what writer doesn’t? It’s a great way to get thinking about your book and it will make you want to work on it.

6. Limit Distractions.

If you can’t get off YouTube, but you want to write SO badly, then you need to…

TURN OFF the fucking internet!

Writing takes discipline.

If you want to complete a book you HAVE to limit your distractions. I don’t care how you do it, just DO IT.

If you have a laptop in your lap, but you’re too busy watching TV, then it’s time to turn of the telly. Too busy singing along to some music instead of writing? Well how bout say…read your book out loud. It’s good for spotting errors. If other people are the cause of your distraction, then you’ll just have to find a set time to write when it’s quiet.

7. Force Yourself?

If you don’t have the motivation to writeforce it. Sometimes people write absolute crap that doesn’t even go into their final piece. It sucks to have wasted that time, but it might get your creative juices flowing.

In order to be a writer, sometimes you have to do the job even if you don’t want to.

8. Take a Break

In some cases, no matter how hard you push yourself to write the words just won’t come. Instead of stressing over it, put that pencil or keyboard aside and take a break. Let your mind focus on something else for a bit and come back to it later.

Breaks help. Your brain will thank you.

9. Reward Yourself

If that piece of cake is taunting you and you can’t wait to eat it before you finish your work, then rewards are NOT for you.

If you rush your work just to get the cake, then rewards are NOT for you.

If you can control your temptations and a cake reward helps you to get writing done properly, then rewards ARE for you.

Rewards should only be used if they help.

10. Read Your Old Work

Are you feeling unmotivated because you think your story is crap? Go back and read it. I DARE you. It’s such an eye opener. You will not only cringe and maybe laugh, you will be happy knowing your book isn’t as bad as it used to be. Knowing that you can improve might get you back to writing.

Keep in mind: Writing a book is a huge accomplishment. It doesn’t happen overnight. Nor is publishing a book going to make you big bucks and make you famous. It takes a lot of work. Having the finished book in your hands is what you should strive for the most.

Not only can you say I’m a writeryou can say I wrote an entire book.

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