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4 Reasons Why Diverse Characters Should be in Books

Not only should, diverse people be in books, it’s what readers want. The problem is that the publishing industry is still very much one sided. So much more could be done to represent minorities, and the best way to do that is to put diverse characters in your books. Ones that are portrayed correctly and aren’t stereotypes.

Here are 4 reasons why more diverse characters should be in books:

1. Minorities are Represented

Everyone deserves to see someone like them represented accurately and respectively in media. We white hetero cis people have enough. It’s time to let others shine. Not only is it fair that more minorities get the main roles, it gives them someone to look up to. They get a chance to see someone like them, be the awesome superhero, the brave warrior, or the love interest. It shows these minorities it’s okay to be who they are and not feel alone and invisible, that they matter and can accomplish what they thought they couldn’t, and that they can be the hero of their own story.

2. It Adds Realism

The world we live in today is full of diverse people. It’s only natural for stories to reflect that. In the past, minorities lived in areas where predominantly white people existed. You might not believe me, but not only does it make sense, because people did travel, I also have a source.

Let’s say you made up your own world. Unless you have a good reason not to include diversity, I can’t think of a reason why a world wouldn’t be, it only seems natural to put different races, and cultures in that world. It’s so hard to comprehend a world where everyone is the same. It doesn’t make sense. If people live so far apart, they are going to be different in some ways.

3. It Teaches Our Younger and Future Generations About Others

Young people are impressionable and they tend to learn from what’s around them. The problem is most things are well…the same. The media is packed full of white hetero cis characters. This is what most people see. It’s what most people know and anything else is seen as “odd.”

People can broaden their horizons, but they don’t always do, and not having more diversity in media makes it that much harder for them to learn.

The best way for those people to learn about others that aren’t like them is to have more diversity in books/TV/movies/games, you name it. And it better be diversity that is done CORRECTLY. Younger and future generations can learn about people who are different from them. It puts them into other people’s shoes. Maybe more people will be accepting of others instead of ridiculing them and being racist/sexist assholes. This is how our world should be.

4. It Adds Variety

Why would you want a world where there is the same thing over and over again? It’s boring.

Do you realize if our world was like it is in the media we wouldn’t have a lot of the things we have now? The food, inventions, clothing, or experiences. That would suck! It’s so interesting to learn about different cultures and see people with different features.

Our world is colorful and it is fucking amazing.

Why would you want to take that away?

Do you have any other reasons why more diverse characters should be in books? Let’s discuss in the comments!


4 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Diverse Characters Should be in Books”

  1. In my blog post why diversity is important I included that from what I’ve seen in writing communities on Facebook is that whenever the topic of diversity comes up a lot of responses are like I write what I see, I don’t include diversity for the sake of diversity. Which makes no sense because the diversity aspect shouldn’t be the main focus of the character.
    Awesome post!

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    1. Thank you! I read your post on your blog and you made some great points. Yes, that is a huge issue. I just don’t understand why some people do that. Why can’t they realize that poc, disabled ppl, lgbtq etc are not much different from anyone else? Some people just like to stay in their little bubble.

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