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6 Benefits of Self-Editing Your Novel

Are you one of those writers who dreads editing?

I see how it can be unappealing. It can take months or years to finish editing a novel. Not to mention all the self-doubt you will experience. Editing might not be enjoyable, but it’s an imperative step in the writing process. No buyer wants to read a book riddled with errors.

Here are 6 benefits that may help you see editing in a more positive way.

1. It improves your story

First drafts are crap. Your’s will more than likely have spelling and punctuation mistakes, but worst of all, there could be problems with your story. Including: plot holes, scenes that drag, or lackluster characters. This is what editing is for. You can fix all those problems and turn your first draft into something awesome!

2. It improves your writing

Believe it or not your writing will get better. You might not notice it immediately and that’s okay. Keep editing. If you haven’t, read your old drafts. You’ll notice the difference. The new skills you attained from editing your first book will help you write your later novels better sooner and maybe even faster.

3. It gets you closer to finishing

Isn’t this one fucking obvious?

Yes, but if you aren’t editing you’ll never get it done. The less time you spend complaining about editing and do it, you’ll be one step closer to finishing your novel. When you do finish, you will feel great for accomplishing such a huge task. That is rewarding in itself.

4. Self-editing keeps costs down

If you plan on hiring an editor their services will cost less. The editor won’t have to spend as much time going through your novel. So big money saver for you!

5. You’ll be proud of your work

I’m sure after you read your first draft you’re thinking there is no fucking way I will EVER be proud of my work. I know the feeling. It sucks! Yes, first drafts are shit, but that’s what editing is for. As you edit, you’ll begin to notice that you’re improving and you will, and I mean this, you WILL be proud of your work. Don’t quit. You’ll never know how good you can be until you try.

6. You might start to enjoy it

I know it sounds strange. But the more you edit, the better you will get at it, and the better you get at it, the easier and more enjoyable it can be. You will look forward to seeing your completed work.

Editing takes discpline. Keep at it and you WILL finish!

2 thoughts on “6 Benefits of Self-Editing Your Novel”

  1. Great points here! I took some advice I had read in a few posts and articles hanging around the internet, and decided to wait a few months before editing the first draft of my novel. I am honestly dreading it. I’ll definitely take your advice on editing and stop procrastinating!

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    1. Thank you! There is nothing wrong with taking a break. Sometimes it can be helpful, but if you take one that is too long, it can be harder to get back into working on your story. I’m glad you’re going to get to editing. Best of luck with it! ☺️


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