Beta Readers Wanted: Closed

Thank you for your interest but this beta round is closed!

Hello! I’m excited, yet anxious to announce that I’m looking for beta readers to read my upcoming Adult Epic Fantasy novel, The Lucin Stone. One round of betas have already read through my manuscript. I have edited it several times since. You don’t have to worry about reading a manuscript riddled with errors. I want feedback on content, not grammar.

If you’re looking for a story with…

  • Twists
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Realistic Characters
  • Powers
  • A Complex Plot

then The Lucin Stone might be for you!

About my novel:

The Lucin Stone is the first book in the Wardens of the Crystallis series. The story follows 6 main points of view. You can learn about each of the character’s stories below and read the blurb.

Cassius | Valinia | Oziah | Alsar | Alrin | Artakin

1st POV: King Cassius Noor embarks on a journey with three knights to find the godly Lucin Stone and deliver it to an uncharted village. They travel across two continents, encountering enemies and allies, while questioning the stones true purpose. Is it worth risking their lives to deliver a stone that’s rumored to be cursed?

2nd POV: In the king’s absence, archknight Oziah Oliendur must find the traitor in the kingdom who allowed the enemy of the north to enter the castle, as well as keep an eye on the princess. The burdening investigation forces him to put his trust in potential traitors. When Princess Valinia’s life is threatened by her own people, Oziah questions if they could be the true enemies.

3rd POV: Princess Valinia Noor is an outcast in Odinaty—hated because her dark hair resembles the enemy. Through reading an ancient diary written by the most evil prince in history, she discovers everything she has been taught may be a lie. Venturing outside of the kingdom could be her only chance to find the answers she seeks. When she meets an intriguing man of the north, her life takes a drastic turn. Will trusting him lead to answers or will it be her biggest mistake?

I’m looking for beta readers aged 18+, but I am willing to accept readers under that age if you are comfortable with gore, cursing, and sexual references. Racism and discrimination are present, but not mentioned that often.

What my process involves:

Chapters will be sent in sections through email along with a question sheet. The questions ask your thoughts/opinions on the characters and scenes as well as how you have perceived the story. Each section is anywhere from 60-80 pages long, and contains 4-5 chapters.There are a total of 12 sections. You will be given 2-3 weeks to complete each one.

There are 45 chapters + a prologue & epilogue.

This excludes the Prologue + Chapters 1-3, which will be sent out 1 at a time and each one must be completed within 1 week.

Your answers must be honest, long, and as detailed as possible.

If you sign up to be my beta reader, DO NOT be afraid to contact me. If you decide to quit for whatever reason, tell me. Please don’t leave me hanging. I will understand.

If you’re interested in beta reading The Lucin Stone, please follow the link below.

If you have any questions, send them to my Tumblr ask box, contact form, or DM me on Twitter.

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