Last Quarterly Goals post

I’m a bit late posting this. Here we go.

Goals from April-June 2017

  1. Re-read/edit my story one more time.
  2. Add all my notes to the story.
    I did most of this. I have a only few to add.
  3. Organize notes for my 2nd book.
    Err….I kind of did this. I have a lot of notes.
  4. Look for more editors. P
    I found a ton of editors. I sorted through most of them and picked about 10 I’m interested in working with. I’m excited to do sample edits with them and I hope that at least one of them is the right one.
  5. Platinum Final Fantasy XV.
    Nope. I didn’t even play it once.
  6. Organize computer files +bookmarks +email +pictures.
    I’m close to done with this.
  7. Use my drawing pad more. Practicing drawing mountains, buildings, and trees!
    I didn’t do this.
  8. Finish critiquing my CP’s book by the beginning of May.
    Done. I finished this one at the beginning of May. Sadly, I no longer have a CP anymore. 😦
  9. Print my manuscript!
    No. Unfortunately I need more toner, so I wasn’t able to complete this goal.
  10. Organize/Clean up!
    This is ongoing.

I completed 3 out of 10. Horrible, but I’ve least been working on completing the other ones. 🙂

I have decided that I’m no longer going to post my quarterly goals. I’m still doing them, but I don’t really care to blog about them anymore. A lot of my goals are not on this list anyway, so I actually got more done than this. Most of my goals are personal or unrelated to writing.

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