Goals April-June 2017

I already know I failed this quarter horribly. The last 2 quarters have been difficult, and the beginning of this year was even worse.

Goals for January-March 2017

  1. Re-read/edit my story one more time.
    I’m still working on this. Since the end of last year, I have been going through my chapters several times to make sure everything is good. I’m close to done and I’m confident I will finish it in the 2nd quarter.
  2. Re-read Rise of the Sparrows.
    Done. Just did this one. 🙂
  3. Buy at least 1 indie book and read it.
  4. Add all my notes to the story.
    Failed. I won’t be done with this until after I finish re-reading/editing my manuscript.
  5. Organize notes for 2nd book.
    I’m still working on this one.
  6. Look for editors before I do the 2nd beta round.
     I found a few editors, but I’m still looking for more. I will sort through my list of editors when I’m ready to hire one.
  7. Work on outline for 2nd book.
    Did this. I outlined all the notes I have for book 2, but there are still some areas that I need to fill in. I will probably do that as I write.
  8. Platinum Final Fantasy XV.
    Failed. I quite playing this game in January when I beat the main storyline. I will get back to it, hopefully when I take a break from editing. Writing always comes first when I have free time.
  9. Organize computer files +bookmarks +email +pictures.
    I partially completed this one. I need to organize my desktop computer. I haven’t been on it recently.
  10. Apply my most recent beta’s edits.
  11. Use my drawing pad more.
    Um…No. I haven’t had any time. I did draw a bit in my sketchbook, but that’s it. I hope I can use it this quarter when I work on my map.I only completed 4 out of 11 goals, which is a huge fail. Partially completing a goal never counts for me. I’ve never done so bad. I’m quite disappointed in myself. 😦

Goals for April-June 2017

  1. Re-read/edit my story one more time.
    I will do this!
  2. Add all my notes to the story.
    And this. 🙂
  3. Organize notes for my 2nd book.
  4. Look for more editors.Please feel free to recommend me editors, and don’t be shy if you are one. Let me know. I want to expand my list.
  5. Platinum Final Fantasy XV.
    We’ll see…
  6. Organize computer files +bookmarks +email +pictures.
    Got to get on that desktop!
  7. Use my drawing pad more. Practicing drawing mountains, buildings, and trees!
    I’ve decided to change this one because I need to practice drawing places for my map. I want to get my map done as soon as possible. I created the outline of the two continents a long time ago, and I would like to at least get better at drawing what needs to go on it.
  8. Finish critiquing my CP’s book by the beginning of May.
    I’m certain I will complete this goal. When I sign up to do something/make a promise I make it my priority to get it done.
  9. Print my manuscript!
    I printed it last year and I’m doing it once more. Though I mostly use the computer to do my work, reading my manuscript on paper is really helpful. After I do that, and apply all my notes, I will be enlisting a 2nd round of beta readers. I was hoping to do that this quarter, but I’m not ready like I thought I would be. I don’t want to rush anything.
  10. Organize/Clean up!
    This is something I actually enjoy doing, believe it or not. Especially organizing, when I’m in the mood, which happens more often than not. Because I haven’t been feeling so well the past two quarters for numerous reasons, I’ve been slacking off on some house work. This will take up some of my writing time, but it needs to get done.

I’m a bit optimistic about these goals for this quarter. I think I might be able to get most of them done.

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