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My Drawing History.

If you have been following my posts, whether on here, my instagram or my twitter, then you may have seen some of my character drawings. They’re not exactly the best quality because I don’t have a printer—although now, one is on the way in the mail! I’m super excited.

charactersss (1)
From left to right: Baust, Artakin, Alrin, and Alsar

Growing up I always wanted to draw well, so I tried to once with four Final Fantasy VII characters. I failed miserably. Right then, I just wanted to give up and I did for a bit. Then a few months or so later, I tried again and got better each time I drew. Still, I wasn’t so good at drawing lifelike people, as you can see below.

sifowdraw1_zps8eae215d - Edited
It’s not the best quality because I took a picture of this years ago. My camera skills weren’t so good. As of now, I don’t have the drawing with me.


Picture026_zpsdc21b00b - Edited
I had drawn this one in history class when I was supposed to watch a video. Oops.


Pretty awful, right? So, I gave up on drawing lifelike people and just focused on drawing what I was good at-anime/cartoons. It was fun to do occasionally, though it wasn’t something I did that often.

Then I stopped drawing altogether for several years, except a chicken I drew for my SO and a cute little dragon (Kay, you know which one. :p). Drawing before wasn’t as special because I usually just drew fan art. Now it is great! Not only do I find it therapeutic, I love seeing my characters come to life. Also, it really helps pass the time and take my mind off of stressful matters, such as beta readers. :/

Alsar was my first character drawing. I only gave him a go because he wears a blindfold—made my work easier. But now he is my worst character drawing and I really want to redraw him. As of now I’m drawing Baust. Although he looks decent, he isn’t exactly how I picture him to be. I’m still going to keep trying and see how he turns out. Artakin’s picture (the one with the red eyes) is my most prized drawing and he looks even better in person. Hopefully, I can put that printer/scanner to good use. Although my character drawings have gotten better with each one, I still have room for improvement and I’m hoping to get better with time.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Do you draw/paint your characters or other things? If so I’d love to see your work.

5 thoughts on “My Drawing History.”

    1. Thank you. 🙂 At first, I was going to draw them anime/cartoon like because that is what I was good at. Then I just kept practicing portrait drawings and my characters turned out better each time

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  1. I see all your sketches on Instagram and I’m always impressed. I wish I could draw, but unless I’m copying something, I just can’t. I’d love to see visuals for my characters exactly how I see them.

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