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Character Profile: Alrin Farren

This is yet another one of my character profiles. The questions were taken from. @jennamoreci. A few of the answers are similar to my other character Alsar. You can read his character profile here.

Some of the answers aren’t fully completed and there may be more information in the future. All the information listed below is before the events that happen in my book The Lucin Stone. My drawing of Alrin came out much better than Alsar. So sorry buddy. I’ll have to draw a better one of you another time.

Alrinfarrensmallcel (1) - Edited

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown right now.

Race, ethnicity, culture: Naharian of Odinaty

Height: 5’8”

Abilities: Water

Weapon of choice: Long sword & small axe

Appearance: Slightly wavy, golden brown hair, deep blue eyes, pointed nose, and round chin. See drawing above.

Where is he from?

Odinaty, known as the only towheaded kingdom. Although he could fit in with his light hair, he hates the town because of how they treat dark hairs. He currently lives in the castle with many of the other knights.


Family: He has a younger brother named Alsar, who is quite the opposite of him. He is quiet and mostly keeps to himself whereas Alrin can be a loudmouth at times. Despite the brother’s differences, they’re both very close and Alrin will always stand up for his younger brother no matter what.

His mother and father died tragically when he was a child.

Friends: When Alrin was a child he had a few friends, but once they learned he was related to a dark hair, Alsar, they didn’t want anything to do with them. After that, Alrin didn’t want to associate with them either because his love for his brother is strong. He believes appearances shouldn’t change a person’s feelings, and he especially didn’t care about fitting in with people who hated his brother. Although he lost all of his childhood friends, he has made many friends when he became a knight. One of them being Roik who considers him to be like his kid because he saw him grow up. As well as Oziah, the archknight who was the one who recruited him when he was a child.


Sexual orientation: Heteorsexual.

What is he attracted to?: Alrin likes a pretty face and body. He still prefers to get to know a woman before anything physical happens, but still wouldn’t mind a fling.

Sexual and Romantic experience: He’s still a virgin. He has been rejected by woman because of his blood relation to a dark hair, Alsar. The few women he’s been in a relationship with ended rather quickly once they found out about his brother.


Skills: He is a very quick swimmer and can be underwater for long hours. Once again, I don’t want to spoil too much.

Occupation/schooling: When he was a child, he was home schooled with his brother. Then when he was recruited into knight training, he learned the skills necessary to become a knight.

Hobbies: He enjoys spending time with his brother and the other knights. Because he is very curious, tales and information about other places always peak his interest. Even though training is a requirement as a knight, he works extra hours because he thoroughly enjoys it. He also loves being in the water whenever he has a chance.


Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert. Alrin has no problem talking to people or expressing himself. He is also very curious and asks a lot of questions.

Depending on the situation Alrin’s strengths and weakness can either benefit or go against himself or others.

Strengths: Compassionate. Confident. He doesn’t care about fitting in or being accepted. Still, he does stand up for himself and people, which can lead to a good or bad outcome. The hard work he puts in when training, helps his ability advance to higher levels much quicker.

Weaknesses: Impatient. Although he means well, he disobeys orders sometimes and acts on his feelings. Speaks his mind which ends up getting himself into trouble or causing confrontation. A little too confident at times and tends to boast, especially his brother’s abilities. When training he pushes himself too far, which results in fainting or injuries. Then he has to rest for several days to regain his strength.

Goals/dreams/aspirations: To become a high ranked knight and be one of the first and few chosen by the king for a special mission.

Beliefs/affiliations: The Naharians of Odinaty believe in gods who gifted them their abilities and longevity. Although Alrin’s parents were worshipers, Alrin himself questions the teachings. Since being born a dark hair is considered a curse, he wonders why his brother was. He finds it difficult to believe the gods would allow this to happen; thus he wonders whether or not their existence is fabricated. He also believes in spirits because his brother can see them.

Fears: Losing his brother. The new laws that his king has enacted won’t change much, if anything, and darks hairs will never be accepted in the kingdom.

Insecurities: That he won’t prove a good knight to his king. Afraid of not having any sort of a relationship with a woman because of his bloodline. Even so, he never mentions this to his brother and doesn’t blame him for not being able to.

What would he die for? His brother, his king, Oziah, the Princess, and other knights.

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