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New Goals July-September 2016

It’s that time again! This year is going by so quickly. I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up and I can’t wait for it. First I’m going to review my goals from last quarter to see how I did.

1. Go over chapters once more.


2. Find 10-15 betas

I did this. I already have 10. I’m sending out the first chapter tomorrow. So, I’m rather excited and scared. If you are interested in beta reading my book, please read this.

3. Give everything/everyone in first book a name.


4. Add all required notes to story.

Finished. 😀

5. Share the first chapter of my manuscript on my blog.

Done. You can check it out here along with chapter 2

6. Hold a Bearaway.

Finished. I didn’t get much of a response, still I thought it was cute and fun. Thank you to those who shared it. 🙂 If you missed out, you can check out what the Bearaway is here.

7. Organize Fantasy notes on drive. Organize notes for book 2.

I have so many notes. Tons. I decided just to change this to organizing notes for book 2 (which I did) because it would take so long to do everything. I’ll finish organizing the others later.

8. Pick up that last pile of leaves already!


9. Add favorite songs to media server.

Yeah…I still didn’t do this one. Thankfully some of my favorite songs are on spotify but I’m still going to try this one next quarter.

10. Finish character quizzes

I finished one quiz! Hooray! But I still have to set it up. Hopefully, it will be available next quarter.

11. Get Mocha to stay at long distances.

I hate myself for this one. *cringes* Although Mocha, my dog, has been getting better in other areas, such as learning to be better off leash, I didn’t do this one. I’m going to re-add it for quarter 3.

12. Platinum Resident Evil 0.

Woohoo! This one I did at the beginning of the quarter. It was really fun and not as hard as I said. I was just getting frustrated and kept messing up. I love the infinite magnum and Rebecca’s new outfit.

13. Make a banner for this blog.

I have something I drew that I wanted to make a banner out of. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to it.

14. Talk to other writers more.

Though I have commented more this quarter, it’s not the amount I wanted it to be at. I have decided just to remove this because I don’t see this one happening.

I finished 10 out of 14. 😀 I’m super happy!

Here is my new goal list

1.Make a banner for this blog.

2.Add favorite songs to media server.

3.Get Mocha to stay at long distances.

4.Draw a character  Draw another Character?

I already completed this one last quarter. I drew Alsar and he came out better than I expected. And…I’ve already started this one! I’m drawing Alrin, Alsar’s brother and he’s turning out great. If you’d like to see my progress of Alrin, you can check him out on my instagram.

5.Draw the lady that’s going on my cover.

I did this rather quicker than I thought. She looks so awesome! I would love to share it, but I’m going to wait a bit longer.

6.Platinum Uncharted 4

Although I finished this game on crushing quite a while ago, I didn’t get every trophy. I’ve been playing the multiplayer, but I keep putting off collecting all those collectibles.

7.Map my book

I’m going to go through and read my entire book and write all the important tidbits down, so I can use it as a reference for my next book.

8.Find and contact cover artists

This is some exciting news. I’ve already contacted two. One of which gave me a quote I’m not sure about yet and another isn’t available until next month.

9.Make sure characters and places in my book match my lists

I just want to make sure everything is in order for the map and character list. I’ll do this while mapping it.

10.Look for editors

I’m dreading this so much. If you know of any, please tell me. Please.

11.Work on my map

Hopefully, I can finish it up.

12.Buy one more indie book and read it.

I already know the one I’m getting. If you have any recommendations let me know, so I can add them to my book list.

That’s it. I hope. I always seem to add more goals as the quarter progresses. I can already tell this quarter will be quite hectic because of the betas. I’m going to lose lots of sleep.

Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “New Goals July-September 2016”

    1. I already plan on going with the cover designer who made your cover. I’m not sure if I want a cartographer because I’m attempting to do the map myself. Who was your editor?


      1. My cartographer was very worth it – fast, very affordable, and he made the map look more realistic than I could have done. For example, he made the coast line look like a coast line 😛
        My editor was Briana Morgan – she did a post on my blog last week where she explained the different edit types 🙂 I’ve got contact links on there, too.

        Liked by 1 person

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