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Character Profile: Alsar Farren

All the information listed below is before the events that happen in my book, The Lucin Stone. I took the question sheet from @jennamoreci and changed a few things.


Sex: Male

Age: Unknown right now.

Race, ethnicity, culture: Naharian of Odinaty

Although he was born in Odinaty and so were his parents, most would say he was from Kaidia or elsewhere because of his darker hair. Most of the Naharians in Odinaty are towheaded and most do not like those who are not. Naharians look like humans but live much longer and have abilities.

Height: 5’7”

Abilities: Heightened Senses

Weapon(s) of choice: Bow and arrows

Appearance: Slightly wavy, chocolate brown hair. Angular face—just like in the picture above.

Eyes—are a big secret. He doesn’t talk about them nor does he allow anyone to see them.

Where is he from?

He was born in the town of Odinaty. He is considered an outcast in the kingdom because of his appearance. Thankfully, he is a knight and is mostly inside the castle where it is safer for him.


Family: He has an older brother named Alrin, who is quite the opposite of him. He can be quite a loud mouth sometimes and gets himself and/or both of them in trouble. Despite Alrin and Alsar’s differences, they’re both very close and Alrin will always stand up for his younger brother no matter what.

His mother and father died tragically when he was a child.

Friends:  Alrin was Alsar’s only friend as a child. Alsar didn’t have any growing up due to his difference in appearance and his blindness. He has made some friends in The Order. One of them being Roik who considers him to be like his kid because he saw him grow up. As well as Oziah, the arch knight who was the one who recruited him when he was a child.


Sexual orientation: Demisexual, heteorsexual.

What is he attracted to?:

Due to Alsar’s different appearance and blindness he prefers to get to know a person before he would have any feelings towards them. He would prefer to have someone who is kind, caring, and understanding.

Sexual and Romantic experience: He’s still a virgin and has never been with a woman.


Skills: He is extremely skilled at using a bow—one of the best. His ability is explained more in detail in the book. I don’t want to spoil too much.

Occupation/schooling: When he was a child, he was home schooled. Then when he was recruited into knight training, he learned the skills necessary to become a knight.

Hobbies: Because of his senses he prefers moments where he can get away from people to relax, although it’s quite difficult and rare for him to get a chance. He also enjoys spending time with his brother and the other knights as well as hearing tales.


Introvert or extrovert? Introvert. He is more open with people he knows and has difficulty talking to new people in fear they will judge him.

Strengths: He is kind, compassionate, patient, and loyal. When he is ordered to do something from the king or the archknight, he rarely questions. Doesn’t bother with confrontation of unnecessary things and would prefer to talk something out rather than fight.

Weaknesses: Timid. His unconfidence can at times interfere with his training. These are the times when he is envious of people who can see.

Goals/dreams/aspirations: To serve his king the best he can and become a better knight.

Beliefs/affiliations: The Naharians of Odinaty believe in gods who gifted them their abilities and longevity. Although Alsar’s parents were worshipers, Alsar himself isn’t. He finds it hard to believe these creators would have made him different from what is considered normal in Odinaty. Though he does have belief in spirits because he can see them.

Fears: Losing his brother, never advancing as a knight, The king dying and him having to be forced out of the kingdom. That he will be at fault for jeopardizing the others knights lives.

Insecurities: His fighting abilities. He wants to be as good as the rest of the knights. He isn’t aware of how capable he really is, and how special, helpful, and unique his abilities are. Although he does train hard, at times he questions whether he should still be a knight.

What would he die for? His brother, his king, the princess, Oziah, and other knights.

11 thoughts on “Character Profile: Alsar Farren”

  1. Allow me to freak out for a moment here. *flails about wildly* Alsar sounds amazing! Already I feel for him and want to learn more about him. And that drawing is mighty fine. 🙂 He sounds like he’d be a lovely person to converse with. I admire him greatly. With the dark hair and the blindness, he still overcomes the normal limitations. Also, he sounds incredibly huggable. Would he be offended if I asked for a hug?

    Liked by 1 person

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