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New Goals April-June 2016

I can’t believe three months of this year have already passed. March or possibly the end of February marks when I first dedicated most of my free time to wiring my book. It’s been an entire year and I’m so excited for whats to come!

This post is a recap of my goals from January to March as well as my new ones. Let’s see how I did. Hopefully its not too embarrassing.

1. Give everything and everyone in first book a name.

I’ve almost done this. I think I only have maybe five things to name.

2. Add all required notes to story.

I’ve added most of the notes but I’m not quite there yet.

3. Decide by February 1st whether manuscript is ready to send to beta reader or not?

Did this.

4. Get 48 chapters into 2nd draft by 3/6


5. Go over (25 out of 47) chapters once more & add to one document by 3/27.

And I didn’t get this one but I did add all of them to one document. I was struggling for over a week with revisions but fortunately most the end chapters are written very well since I spent days going over just one chapter for the 2nd draft.

6. Clean yard

There are so many trees in the yard, not to mention the neighbors, and the leaves didn’t finish falling until the end of November. Also there is one bin…just one I can put leaves in. Not to say I didn’t skip a week or two but there are so many. I have maybe one pile of leaves left so it’s almost done.

7. Organize Fantasy notes on drive

Another one I almost completed.

8. Change all passwords

I have changed all but maybe 2 passwords….You know I’m just going to do this after this post for the sake of removing it from my goals for the next quarter.

9. Clean shower

Curses Tile! I did this one at least.

10. Teach Mocha to stay

My dog, Mocha knows how to stay for the most part but not when I wander too far. I have to work with her more.

11. Add favorite songs to media server.

Nope, didn’t. I haven’t been on my desktop much where most of my songs are.

12. Type Korean story notes on drive

Done, this is another story I have in the works. I’m not giving any details on it as of now.

13.Type orphanage story notes on drive

Yet another story I have and I did this one too.

14. Make an organized list of all characters in first book.


15. Make official names for all chapters.


16. Finish drawing by the 14th

I drew a picture for someone. I finished drawing it by hand for the most part. I wanted to fix it and color it on the computer but I don’t have a scanner yet. So I’m putting this one off until I get one.

17. Draw one of my characters

I drew 2 actually, plus part of one but it needs to be fixed. Once again, I need a scanner to finish them. I’m putting this one as completed for now.

18. Make an Instagram account.

I did this one. I mostly post pictures of my dogs, writing stuff and food. You can visit my account here.

So I competed 11 out of 18. Yay! It’s more than half.

April-June Goals

Here are my new goals for April to June. I might add a few more to the list as the quarter goes on. I’m also re-adding the goals I didn’t finish last month.

1. Go over (25 out of 47) chapters once more

I’m waiting on my beta reader to send me her feedback so I will be going over all of them as I address any issues.

2. Find 10-15 betas

This one is going to be tough. I already have a beta who currently has my manuscript but finding this many will be difficult for me. I will probably be looking for some towards the end of April or in May. I’m also considering looking for a critique partner as well. Not sure if I’ll be able to find one. So keep an eye out if interested.

3. Give everything in first book a name.

4. Add all required notes to story.

I will be doing this one for sure. Before I even get any betas.

5. Share the first chapter of my manuscript on my blog.

This is something I have been thinking about doing recently. I’m super nervous about it but hopefully I’ll have to courage to post it.

6. Hold a Bearaway.

You’ll learn more about this when the time comes. 🙂

7. Organize Fantasy notes on drive.

8. Pick up that last pile of leaves already!

9. Add favorite songs to media server.

Lets see if I get around to this one.

10. Finish character quizzes

I’ve started making some quizzes. Those ones that you take to find out which character you are. So hopefully by the end of the quarter they will be available to the public.

11. Get Mocha to stay at long distances.

12. Platinum Resident Evil 0

This one I added because I want to move on. It’s more difficult to beat on hard than the first. I don’t know if it’s because I was rushing or because I have two characters to heal. I will complete this one, hopefully before Uncharted 4’s release date.

13. Make a banner for this blog.

I have been putting this one off too long.

14. Talk to other writers more

Towards the end of this quarter, I haven’t been interacting with other writers as much as I was before. I enjoy connecting with everyone but I always feel I’m extremely awkward to talk to, come of as cold or unpleasant or I feel unwanted. I always felt this way because I have trouble communicating with others. I’m hoping pushing myself more will help but I don’t know. I almost feel this one will never be completed.

That’s it. Hopefully I can do at least half but I’m hoping to complete almost all of them.



18 thoughts on “New Goals April-June 2016”

      1. I do have nine blogs now (yours included since yesterday) that I’ll try to stay caught up with it. I’ve got a written list and everything 😛 But you’re right, it’s difficult even then. Especially now during Camp NaNo!

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  1. You’ve accomplished so much! Congratulations. 🙂 I like to be organized about this too. If I make a list, I’m much more likely to do it. Aww so excited to hear about Mocha. Korean story…oooh interested to hear about that later. Orphanage story sounds intriguing as well! I’ve been thinking about critique partners too, but I’m a little worried about finding someone who meshes well. My friend recommended exchanging the first page or chapter and trying that out to see if it works, also talking about what your goals are, etc. (Here’s her post if you want to read more: https://nicoletteelzie.com/2016/02/15/critique-partner/)

    Character quizzes sounds like they’d be really fun. That’s such a neat idea. I’ve been trying to talk to other writers more too. It can be a challenge but very rewarding. Talking online is easier for me too. And don’t worry you’ve never come across cold or unpleasant to me. I like talking to you! Feel free to message me anytime. So excited to see your progress! And hopefully we can work together well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I had to put both of those stories aside for my current one. I hate having to do that. New story ideas like to pop up at the worst times.
      I’m also worried about finding the right critique partner as well. Exchanging some work and communicating first sounds like a great idea.
      I enjoy talking to you too! 🙂 I’m glad I haven’t come off that way. I’m always afraid I am. When would you be looking for critique partners?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Just a by-the-by: Kay’s feedback is amazing! There are very few things I disagree with her on, the majority of which is style preference. I’m utterly amazed by how thorough she is.

        At first it’s scary to see all the notes, but I kind of enjoy it. And every change I review and think over makes me feel my manuscript is that much stronger.

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      2. I know what you mean. I always seem to have too many story ideas at once.
        I’m happy to hear that. 🙂 Don’t worry. You’ve been great. Hm, I’m tied up with Camp NaNo and school right now. But sometime in May or June probably.

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  2. Thanks. Wow! Doing a spreadsheet is a lot of dedication. You’re really organized. I just put mine on google keep and check them off or change the number as I complete them. I also do weekly goals to but didn’t see the point in posting everything.

    I have been wanting a critique partner for some time. Though the problem is my manuscript is a little over 160,000 words. I don’t know how many people have that length. I would feel I was cheating someone if they had less words than me. I suppose around the time I’m getting betas I’ll also add an additional slot for people who want to be my critique partner.

    I used to be really quiet, especially when I was a child. I wouldn’t talk to anyone except my family even then I had trouble. I definitely wasn’t really open and told them everything. Though, I’ve gotten better as I got older, its still hard for me to talk to people especially in public. The internet makes it easier. If I get to know someone very well I am comfortable and can talk just fine. Thank you for being my writer friend and reading and commenting on my posts! 😀


    1. Spreadsheets do require dedication I suppose (though I use Google Sheets for them now, so I can access them from my work machines as well), but I love spreadsheets so much, I really don’t mind. It’s a motivator for me, in fact.

      I know what you mean about the word count length and being concerned about fairness. I’m actually in a beta swap with another fantasy writer right now (found via GoodReads, by the way. You should check out the Beta Readers group there in your search for more betas). My word count is just under 100k, while hers is 160k. I don’t mind it. My finding is there’s either a good reason for it, or there’s room to chop in some cases. When you start looking, let me know. I, too, have been trying to put myself out there in the writing community. I recently joined the local writers guild and attended one of their events. I even signed up for a critique group hosted by other members of the guild. It’s scary at first, but it’s also amazing to connect with others – even those who write in other genres – in a way that family and friends may not understand.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I actually found the beta reader who’s reading my MS now on GoodReads. I haven’t received any feedback from her yet but I heard she’s great. I’ll let you know when I’m looking. 🙂


  3. Great goals! I think it’s wise to incorporate all your goals into one list, so you don’t have to manage multiple lists. I do the same for my own goals, tracking them via a spreadsheet. Then there’s a tab for each category, with breakouts of each goal. This allows me to break down bigger goals (like pay off car note, or write a novel) into smaller, easier to manage steps. Good job on your progress thus far!

    I’ll definitely be interested in being a critique partner. We could even start a virtual group if others are interested. I’m interesting in improving my writing by any means available, and want to help others do the same.

    I completely get the issues with socializing with others. I have a lot of social anxiety (started as a preteen, diagnosed as a teen). It’s improved over time, but only because I force myself into a lot of social situations which are well outside my realm of comfort, to the point that they cause me physical discomfort. It gets easier with each step, but starting is the hardest part. All I can tell you is to keep trying. You’ll get there, and be glad for it in the end. You’ve already made at least one other writer friend in this world (points to self).


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