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Progress Update and Ramblings

I have decided to update my about me page—now a glimpse of me page. I had trouble figuring out what to write the first time so I think my new update is good for now.

One of the reasons I haven’t posted much here is because I’m super busy. When I do have free time I would rather write my story instead of blog posts. I plan on posting more often starting next year and I’m trying to work it into my schedule.

Here is an update about the progress of my book.

I updated my blurb and posted it here. It is better than the previous one but it may change in the future.

Since my last post I have extended some chapters and added a new one—bringing my chapter count to 47.

I have 12 chapters I need to edit by the end of the year and I don’t see that happening. I keep adding new scenes so it has been delaying and extending my edits. On top of that I have been struggling and not having as much time to write or edit. I have been editing an 18 page chapter for the past few days and I’m near done but don’t have much time to finish—which sucks because I have a deadline to meet by 3/7. I’m sending my manuscript to a beta reader who is said to give great feedback and she has a super tight schedule and I don’t want to lose that date. I know I could finish those 12 chapters by then but I need to go over my—130,000 words story or possibly more—again and add my notes. So I hope I can get it done by then. I may post some experts and character introductions but I’m not comfortable to as of now and I’m planning on doing it closer to the book’s release.

Recently I came up with some new ideas for the next book as well. I found a great way to kill off one of my characters in the next book. I didn’t see much use for him in the future so hooray! His death actually serves a huge point in the story. In a way it’s kind of good to kill off some of my characters—for good reasons of course—because for the first book I have nearly 70 characters and I will be adding tons more in the rest of the series.

My plans of getting more beta readers probably won’t be until the 2nd quarter of next year. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and want my story to be the best it can before I send it out. I’m really hyped for people to read my book but I’m also a bit afraid people won’t like it. So in a way I don’t mind waiting a few months.

I haven’t been playing many video games recently. Uncharted 4 is coming out the same month I have to send my MS. I’m super excited and I am going to be writing a little less that month so I can play. My SO and I love that game and are the best multiplayer duo!

Happy holidays! 🙂

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