Goals April-June 2017

I already know I failed this quarter horribly. The last 2 quarters have been difficult, and the beginning of this year was even worse.

Goals for January-March 2017

  1. Re-read/edit my story one more time.
    I’m still working on this. Since the end of last year, I have been going through my chapters several times to make sure everything is good. I’m close to done and I’m confident I will finish it in the 2nd quarter.
  2. Re-read Rise of the Sparrows.
    Done. Just did this one. 🙂
  3. Buy at least 1 indie book and read it.
  4. Add all my notes to the story.
    Failed. I won’t be done with this until after I finish re-reading/editing my manuscript.
  5. Organize notes for 2nd book.
    I’m still working on this one.
  6. Look for editors before I do the 2nd beta round.
     I found a few editors, but I’m still looking for more. I will sort through my list of editors when I’m ready to hire one.
  7. Work on outline for 2nd book.
    Did this. I outlined all the notes I have for book 2, but there are still some areas that I need to fill in. I will probably do that as I write.
  8. Platinum Final Fantasy XV.
    Failed. I quite playing this game in January when I beat the main storyline. I will get back to it, hopefully when I take a break from editing. Writing always comes first when I have free time.
  9. Organize computer files +bookmarks +email +pictures.
    I partially completed this one. I need to organize my desktop computer. I haven’t been on it recently.
  10. Apply my most recent beta’s edits.
  11. Use my drawing pad more.
    Um…No. I haven’t had any time. I did draw a bit in my sketchbook, but that’s it. I hope I can use it this quarter when I work on my map.I only completed 4 out of 11 goals, which is a huge fail. Partially completing a goal never counts for me. I’ve never done so bad. I’m quite disappointed in myself. 😦

Goals for April-June 2017

  1. Re-read/edit my story one more time.
    I will do this!
  2. Add all my notes to the story.
    And this. 🙂
  3. Organize notes for my 2nd book.
  4. Look for more editors.Please feel free to recommend me editors, and don’t be shy if you are one. Let me know. I want to expand my list.
  5. Platinum Final Fantasy XV.
    We’ll see…
  6. Organize computer files +bookmarks +email +pictures.
    Got to get on that desktop!
  7. Use my drawing pad more. Practicing drawing mountains, buildings, and trees!
    I’ve decided to change this one because I need to practice drawing places for my map. I want to get my map done as soon as possible. I created the outline of the two continents a long time ago, and I would like to at least get better at drawing what needs to go on it.
  8. Finish critiquing my CP’s book by the beginning of May.
    I’m certain I will complete this goal. When I sign up to do something/make a promise I make it my priority to get it done.
  9. Print my manuscript!
    I printed it last year and I’m doing it once more. Though I mostly use the computer to do my work, reading my manuscript on paper is really helpful. After I do that, and apply all my notes, I will be enlisting a 2nd round of beta readers. I was hoping to do that this quarter, but I’m not ready like I thought I would be. I don’t want to rush anything.
  10. Organize/Clean up!
    This is something I actually enjoy doing, believe it or not. Especially organizing, when I’m in the mood, which happens more often than not. Because I haven’t been feeling so well the past two quarters for numerous reasons, I’ve been slacking off on some house work. This will take up some of my writing time, but it needs to get done.

I’m a bit optimistic about these goals for this quarter. I think I might be able to get most of them done.

Goals January-March 2017

I’ve decided to make this post a few days early to get it out of the way.

Previous Goals

Here are my goals from October-December 2016.

1.Finish applying beta notes and edits


2.Add all my new notes to the story

Not done.

3.Re-read the entire story after I applied all feedback and my notes.


4. Map my book

I actually did this one.

5.Make sure characters and places in my book matches my lists


6.Buy at least 1 indie book and read it

Nope. I did swear I would do this one. Which I will. Maybe this quarter.

7.Hold a giveaway

Done. I already announced the winner and I’m still working on their character. It’s close to finished.

8.Platinum Uncharted 4

Done! 🙂

9. Finish drawing Alsar

Alsar is done!

10. Look for editors

No. Just no. I am not looking foward to this and I don’t know why I made this goal so early, but I’ll just have to move it to the next quarter.

11. Work on my map

I did this one! I didn’t finish it, but I did work on it using my new drawing pad!

I completed 8 out 0f 11. Hooray!


New Goals

  1. Re-read/edit my story one more time.
  2. Re-read Rise of the Sparrows

    This one is kind of up to you Sarina. Lol. Not trying to put a burden on you. I want to read this one before I get to critique the 2nd book, so I’m waiting on Sarina, my CP, to get close to finished with her edits before I start.

  3. Buy at least 1 indie book and read it.

  4. Add all my notes to the story.
  5. Organize notes for 2nd book.

  6. Look for editors before I do the 2nd beta round.

    *cries* It is going to be so hard to find the right one.

  7. Work on outline for 2nd book
  8. Platinum Final Fantasy XV

  9. Organize computer files +bookmarks +email +pictures

    I put this one off for far too long.

  10. Apply my most recent beta’s edits
  11. Use my drawing pad more.

    I haven’t had much time to use it since I got it, so hopefully I can.


I wanted to wish a Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

Another Year Gone

This year flew by so fast. I had some great moments: I met some lovely writers, improved my writing, started drawing life-like people, got beta readers, and became more confident in my story. This year wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t lost my dog Bear. I still miss him so much and it hurts when I think about him.

In other news, February 2017 marks the 2nd year I have been working on my epic fantasy book. Nearly two years ago was the day I sat in front of my computer and told myself I’m going to write this book. And I can’t believe how far I’ve come! My story has become a 180,000+ word novel that is close to completion. I still have a lot ahead of me, but I’m hoping to publish it in 2017 if not early 2018. I’m terrible with dates and I don’t like setting deadlines if I’m not sure. Not to mention, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my stories.

Below is a picture of most of the drawings I did this from June-December 2016.


I wish everyone luck in the new year!


Giveaway for Writers! Retweet /Reblog (Read Post 1st)

Note: Before you enter, you MUST read this post to make sure you meet the requirements and agree to the rules. This is a Tumblr and Twitter giveaway. I’m just posting this on here, because my followers may have missed it one twitter.

That’s write writers! You have a chance to win a portrait drawing of one of your characters drawn by me. Please take note, I’m new to drawing portrait/life-like people. I will try my best to draw your character how you envision them. In the banner above are some examples of what my drawings of my characters look like, so you can get an idea of how yours will turn out if you win.


One winner will be chosen randomly. I will announce the winner on my Tumblr blog, Twitter, and WordPress blog.

  1. You must be a writer who has created an original character. Sorry, no fan-fic unless it’s of a character you created, as well as no animals or animal like people, or aliens/creatures. Basically, I won’t draw anything that doesn’t closely resemble humans because I suck. Lol. I’m just new to this.
  2. In order to enter you have to do the following thing: reblog this post on Tumblr and/or retweet this post using THIS Twitter link. Doing both increases your chances of winning.
  3. The winner will be chosen at random and receive a scanned picture of the final drawing through email. I will not send the original through the mail. It is a pencil drawing only. I will not color it.
  4. The winner must have an email because that is how I will contact and send the finished product.
  5. The picture will be drawn in portrait only. Not full body. (I’m new to this so bare with me)
  6. The winner must provide me a description of their character. You may also provide pictures of real people I can reference when drawing. This would be very helpful. If you don’t, I’m just going to go off the description. I will discuss this further with the winner through email.
  7. The winner is not allowed to sell the picture.
  8. The winner is allowed to share the finished product of their character anywhere they want, all I ask is to be credited.
  9. The winner is not allowed to alter the drawing without my permission.
  10. If the winner doesn’t meet and agree to these requirements and rules, doesn’t contact me within 1 week of being chosen, and doesn’t regularly contact me when I send progresses of the drawing, another entrant will be chosen.
  11. You have until November 26th, 2016 11:59 PM PST to enter.

How the process will work if you win.

  1. The winner will be announced on this blog within 48 hours after the last entry date.
  2. The winner must message me on Tumblr or DM me on Twitter within a week after they are chosen. My message boxes is open to anyone, so don’t hesitate; otherwise, I might not be able to get your email.
  3. I will send scans of the drawing throughout the process to the winner, to make sure it is what they’re looking for.
  4. Keep in mind, life-like portraits can take hours to draw, so don’t expect me to do this overnight. It may take longer than a week. I have a life to live, so please understand.
  5. If the winner is disappointed with the overall picture, I will not draw another one. I can try to make adjustments where I can.

I hope I didn’t scare you away with my requirements. I made these because I don’t want to draw this out for months, so if you’re not able to keep contact with me regularly then it’s best not to enter. I’ll try to work with the winner as best as I can. As well as try to the best of my abilities to draw the character the way the winner envisioned them.

Depending on how this giveaway goes I more than likely will do more in the future, so don’t worry if you’re not picked. 🙂 If you have any questions about the giveaway don’t hesitate to leave a comment shoot me an ask, message me on tumblr, or tweet me or DM on twitter.

In case you missed the, here is my Twitter and Tumblr. I look forward to working with the winner!

Goodbye Mr. Bear :(

One of my best pals died today. His name was Bear and he was only 3 years old. You may have seen pictures of Bear or my posts about him. He was my Chocolate Labrador, the one I always wanted. My SO and I got him when he was 8 weeks old. I saw him grow from this cute little yipping puppy to a big handsome dog with a deep bark. Bear was always happy. One of the happiest dogs I knew. The only things that made him sad were baths and ear cleanings, even then he was still cute. Sometimes he still acted like a puppy, despite being 120lbs.

Bear was a huge part of my life. He always made me smile. I get really close to my dogs and consider them to be my family. Losing him has been really hard, especially since he was so young. There were still so many things I wanted to do with him. Now, I’ll never get to. I suppose the good thing is that he died in his sleep. He looked peaceful and didn’t seem to be suffering. I took him for his last walk yesterday night and he was as happy as can be. I’ll always remember him as my happy Bear.

Here are two posts I mentioned Bear:

The story of how I got Bear

Happiness according to Bear

I love you Beary Boo and miss you so much. You’ll always be in my heart.


New Goals October-December 2016

Hooray autumn is here! I love this season. Is it just me or do the last couple months of the year always seem to go by faster?

Previous Goals

Here are all my goals from July-September.

1.Make a banner for this blog.

Done. I also put this banner on twitter. Two of my character drawings are in it. 😀

2.Add favorite songs to media server.

I’m cutting this one off my quarter goals and just putting it as a goal that I need to do eventually. Lol. I’ve put this one off too many times and I don’t think I’ll do it this quarter either.

3.Get Mocha to stay at long distances.

Done. 😀 Mocha is such a good girl. If you don’t know who Mocha is, she’s my miniature Chocolate Labrador. Lol. She’s just really small compared to average sized Labs.

4.Draw a character  Draw another Character?

Wow…um so I definitely drew more than one character. I drew Artakin, Baust, started Rithia and will finish her later, as well as started redrawing Alsar! He is coming out great. I posted a preview of him on my instagram. I can’t believe how good my drawings have been coming out, considering my first drawing of Alsar is embarrassing. Lol. I don’t even want to look at it again.

5.Draw the lady that’s going on my cover.

I already marked this one off a while ago.

6.Platinum Uncharted 4

I failed this, but not terribly. I already beat it on the hardest difficulty. Every now and then I have been getting the collectibles. And once I finish that and beat the game under 6 hours…I think, then I will have the platinum. I’ve been putting it off since I’ve been busy writing. And when I do get a chance play it, it’s usually multiplayer with my SO.

7.Map my book

I put this one off too. Pushing it to this quarter.

8.Find and contact cover artists

I’ve already decided on who I want. Marking this one off.

9.Make sure characters and places in my book match my lists

I failed this one too.

10.Look for editors

Nope. I still haven’t. And I don’t think I’m going to do it this quarter either, but it will remain on my to do list.

11.Work on my map

Didn’t happen. I’ve been too busy applying my beta feedback. I’m planning on drawing it by hand, so it’s going to take some time.

12.Buy one more indie book and read it.

Ugh! I want to do this. I’m adding it to the new quarter.

I completed 5 out of 12. >-> I’m so ashamed. I will try harder next quarter.


New Goals

1.Finish applying beta notes and edits

I love my betas. ❤ Thank you!

2.Add all my new notes to the story

I came up with some new ideas because of beta feedback.

3.Re-read the entire story after I applied all feedback and my notes

4. Map my book

I have a feeling I might not do this one because of all the revising I’m going to be doing this quarter.

5.Make sure characters and places in my book matches my lists

6.Buy at least 1 indie book and read it

I’m going to do this one! I swear!

7.Hold a giveaway

So, I’m debating whether or not I should do a giveaway this quarter. It’s not a typical giveaway. It won’t cost me money, but it will take up some of my time. I’m not going to announce what it is, so you’ll just have to wait and see when I’m ready to announce it.

8.Platinum Uncharted 4

I want to get this done before Final Fantasy XV comes out.

9. Finish drawing Alsar

I’m sure I’ll do this one, but I’m adding it anyway since it has been taking me longer to draw him than my other characters.

10. Look for editors

11. Work on my map


Hopefully I will get more done this quarter. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂